What are the employee background checks that are followed in Malaysia?

It is never enough for an employer to make background checks whether the employee has all the existing experience or not. Malaysia always follows a strict Equal Employment Policy which allows companies to have a versatile workforce irrespective of their background.

If one is thinking to hire new employees’ for your company, there are many things to look for in an employee. One would never know what happened to their previous employer, have they ever gone to prison and other relevant details which could ruin the reputation of the company.

Since every company has different rules and requirements of their employees’, which are mostly based on their businesses, the background verification process is a rigorous one because there is a need for authenticable information about the applicant.

Moreover, it is not only researching whether the applicant is reliable at work, but the background checks are also sometimes intense where companies check for the conduct of the person and many other intricate details which would allow employers to understand whether the incoming person would be a cultural fit for the company.

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Education Degree Verification

Some work requirements involve skilled laboring such as in engineering, medicine, accounting and so on. Since these jobs hold technicality very much in their work involved, companies do ask for valid education certificates to authenticate the experience of the candidate.

Employment Verification

Gaps on your resume: Gaps either due to studies or you took out a whole year due to any diseases or other personal reasons. In any case, selection representatives over the globe have issues and regularly don’t waitlist competitors with gaps in their work experience. Consider the possibility that somebody was worn out and needed a break to revive. One must always analyze the resume and understand whether the reason for the gap is a valid one or not instead of rejecting the resume without a questioning session to the employee.

Matching abilities:

Companies hire employees’ based on the similar interests in the workplace. When the companies expect of a certain quality and found to be non-existential while background check, companies do not accept them. They are feeling the loss of a few aptitudes at work would not allow the employee to give their 100% and this implies enrollment specialists do not shortlist such candidates. On the off chance that an individual has many aptitudes, he can take in extra abilities required for the activity. Dismissing applicants in light of this is plain dumb.

 The absence of Industry Experience:

 Some administrators emphasize the recommended industry experience. This is to understand the previous experience of the employee and match them in a place that would be beneficiary for the company. However, selecting a candidate from another industry or a fresher bodes well, as it brings a new or alternate point of view and might utilize those prescribed procedures of another industry may help.

 Not the correct degree:

Certain occupations require certain sort of degree. A product specialist ought to have contemplated something identified with programming.  Applicants regularly get expelled from short recorded on the off chance that they do not have that particular degree.

 An excessive number of short employment:

Not having spent much time in one job makes HR bodies or selection representatives bit doubtful about a competitor’s soundness and their willingness to work for a more extended period.

Criminal Records Search

This mostly is not checked for the entering employees’ until it is mentioned about in the form or the resume. The criminal record search would allow the companies to understand the type of crime that has been committed by the individual. Companies can acknowledge some petty crimes and allow them to work for the company. Some individuals would have criminal records which would not allow them to work for companies.

Companies in Malaysia are searching Even some other records for a firm background check. Some industries require such records for the effective functioning of the organization. Some of them are Bankruptcy record Search, Passport validation for immigrants, Professional reference check, Motor vehicle record, and much more varying on the requirements of the companies procedures.

Malaysia also maintains a standard which does not involve any racial advantage or disadvantage in a company by setting up some norms to help the working community.

EEOC-Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

In all cases, make sure that you are treating everyone equally. It is illegal to check the background of applicants and employees when that decision is based on a person’s race, national origin, color, sex, religion, disability, genetic information (including family medical history). For example, asking only people of a particular race about their financial histories or criminal records is evidence of discrimination.

Malaysia Competition Commission

The Malaysia Competition Commission was founded in 2011 to enforce the competition act. It safeguards free and fair competition in commercial environments like private firms for the benefit of consumer welfare, improving the efficiency of the company and developing the economy of Malaysia to a better standard.




What are the Perks of having a payroll for your start-up company?

Everyone would have gone through this phase by now or even have thought about it: Whether to do business or go to work? That, you would have to decide by clearly analyzing whether you would be able to cope up with the business lifestyle. It is always considered to think a million times before starting a business because once you do decide that a company would be a better option for you, your complete concentration must be on it or else there would be many problems that come along with it.

 It is an intense and the most exciting situation a person can face because it would utilize your brain to the maximum extent. If you go to work, you work for a typical 7 to 10-hour shift. However, in the same case of a business, you spend all the waking hours.

 There might be many departments which should be concentrated on to streamline the entire functioning process. However, the one department that which requires high supervision is the payroll and taxation department. It’s something very vague to understand, that’s why we hire HR’s and managers to handle the calculation part of the business.

The problem in a startup is that you would not have enough resources to pay a bookkeeper. In this case, it would be better not to calculation son your own and give your trust to payroll software. A payroll software would take care of your entire organization and would leave you with no errors during the processing.

Here are few of the reasons every startup should consider before making other decisions.

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Avoid making mistakes

Calculations are very integral and could also cost you a lot if there are any errors in your calculations. You could try an Excel or something similar to it, but there are no guarantees that the calculations would be error free. You could very well go for a payroll software in this situation because it would streamline your entire data and do all the estimates for you instead of you doing it.

No need for expertise

To perform calculations for an organization’s, one must be an expert on calculations. If you do own a payroll software, you could do it yourself. There is no requirement for prior training to handle your payrolls. You could save much time on calculations and would be able to keep a lot instead of hiring a payroll manager.

Lots of time saved

Just ask any store manager or an HR about how much time does it take to perform all the calculations for a company. Their answers would typically consist of lots of hours till the final payroll. If a team of HR professionals takes so much time to control the salaries and other intricate matters of the organization, your startup could take more time than ever. If you go for payroll, you could very well handle the entire organization, no matter how big and save a lot on HR expenses.

Run the company more organized than ever

You would have a plan to control your functioning and your expenses. However, when you start working on it, there are more chances for you to be disorganized because there is not a specific flow of your business undertakings. A payroll software not only takes care of numbers for you but also streamline the entire working of the company coherently and drive you towards better productivity.

Pay accurate taxes

Any business would have to pay the government taxes. Many entrepreneurs try to overdo by doing all the required calculations on your own to save some extra money. In this case, there are chances for errors to occur. Mistakes are a small part of our lives, but the government does not take it that way. You would have to pay any fines, and that would turn your profits to nothing.

Since tax compliances tend to change now and then, there are more chances for errors to happen. The only way for you to stay compliant is to view the tax changes every time, and this would take more time than ever.

Instead of saving money on tax filings, you could very well go for a payroll software because it would handle every data of yours carefully and bring out a whole sum which is free of errors.

Would be aware of the actual tax payments

This would be an added advantage for you. Instead of just handing out the tax money and not knowing anything about it, by streamlining your tax payments, you would be able to understand the changing market and use it well for your developing business.




How secure will be your personal information after GDPR regulations?

We are definitely in the age of Information where every detail can be used for or against you. To avoid all these problems. The UK has created a set of regulations that would allow companies to use parts of customer’s information instead of stealing information completely.

There are a lot of norms that must be followed to protect the identity of the customer like their data like e-mail addresses, contact number, credit card information and much more. Since many companies have websites these days, this critical information can be leaked and be used to the advantage of hackers, and many other misappropriates.

Just take for instance when you are looking to buy dog food and close the webpage, you might still be able to see advertisements on other websites regarding the same. Many people’s privacy becomes at stake when your personal information is rotating the internet without your knowledge.


What is GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation. It is most probable to create guidelines which allow customers to access company information through websites or mobile application without giving away their personal information.

Here are some of the guidelines which GDPR has proposed to seal all the customer information.

The GDPR contains a commitment that individual information ought to be handled in a way that guarantees the proper security of unique details, including for forestalling unapproved access to or utilization of different data and the gear utilized for the preparing. Along these lines, the controller or processor ought to assess the dangers innate in the handling of individual details and execute measures to moderate those dangers.

GDPR Guidelines

Data Provided

You may give us information about you with your consent, for instance:

  • Through Contractual understandings
  • By filling in a form or sending us an email
  • Marketing reactions

This data might be personal, professional, business or identified with your legally binding history with us. You may give us your information for legitimate reasons, for example, to go into an agreement with us, when you are purchasing products or administrations from us, or when you are thinking about these alternatives.

Data provided by customers

If you visit our site or member communities, we may naturally gather data about you, for instance:

  • Technical data
  • IP addresses
  • Information about what sort of gadget you use to associate with our site
  • How you interact with our site.

Data we get from different sources.

We may get data about you if you utilize any of alternate sites we work, some other administrations we give, or from our business associates trained to gather data for our benefit. We additionally work with outsiders, including, for instance, business associates, sub-temporary workers in specialized, installment and may get data about you from them as a significant aspect of the administration we give you, or for legitimate reasons.

How We Use Information We Collect

Compliance with our Privacy Policy

We utilize the data we gather just in compliance with this Privacy Policy. Clients who buy into our Services are committed through our concurrences with them to follow this Privacy Policy.

We never sell individual data.

We will never pitch your Personal Information to any outsider.

Utilization of individual data notwithstanding the utilizations distinguished somewhere else in this Privacy Policy; we may utilize your Personal Information to:

● enhance your perusing knowledge by customizing the Websites and to improve the Subscription Service

● (b) send data to you which we think could bear some significance with you by post, email, or different means

● Send you marketing information identifying with our business or the organizations of deliberately chose outsiders which we think might bear some significance with you.

We may, every once in a while, get in touch with you for the benefit of outer business accomplices about a specific offering that might bear some significance with you. In those cases, we don’t exchange your Personal Information to the outsider. What’s more, we may impart information to trusted accomplices to get in touch with you because of your demand to get such interchanges, enable us to perform the factual examination or give client support. Such outsiders are precluded from utilizing your Personal Information except for these reasons, and they are required to keep up the privacy of your data.

Utilization of navigational data

We utilize Navigational Information to work and enhance the Websites and the Service Portal. We may likewise use Navigational Information alone or in a blend with Personal Information to give you customized data about Solar.

Client testimonials and remarks

We post client testimonials and comments on our Websites, which may contain Personal Information. We get every client’s consent before publishing the client’s name and tribute.


If you leave a remark on our webpage, you may select in to save your name, email address, and site in cookies. These are for your benefit with the goal that you don’t need to fill in your subtle details again when you leave another comment. These cookies have a cache memory which stays for one year.

If you have a record and you sign in to this site, we will set a temporary cookie to decide whether your program acknowledges cookies. This cookie contains no individual information and is disposed of when you close your application.

When you sign in, we will likewise set up a few cookies to spare your login data and your screen show decisions. Login cookies keep going for two days, and screen choices cookies keep lasting for a year. If you select “Remember Me,” your login will endure for two weeks. If you log out of your record, the login cookies will be removed from our database.

Unconfirmed Violation

The DPA will have an assortment of investigative forces to see whether infringement exists or not. To research a conceivable breach, the DPA can arrange the controller and the processor to give any data it requires to the execution of its assignments. The DPA may additionally ask for access to every individual datum and all data necessary for the implementation of its undertakings.

Confirmed Violations

If the DPA reasons that an infringement has occurred, there are a few measures available to it. The slightest meddling measure is the likelihood to issue censures to a controller or a processor where handling tasks have encroached arrangements of the GDPR. If a reprimand is not adequate, the DPA may likewise arrange the controller or processor to carry the handling tasks into consistency with the arrangements of the GDPR. Information-driven associations or associations that must procedure information as a component of their plan of action can be severely affected if compelled to erase every one of their knowledge because of consistency infringement.

These are the most important rules and regulations when it comes to GDPR guidelines. If you need more information about your privacy, ask the website or service about the details of your viewing.

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CYBERSECURITY – Why is it important for small business?

Every business is unique in its way when it comes to its products and also its customer reach. Since most businesses run on computers, there is much threat to every business owner because it would be easier to break through a simple server and steal your inventions.

 cyber Security-HR2eazy

To avoid this, every business must have trained professionals on saving your company information from potential threats.

 Create a cybersecurity policy

Mostly new businesses do not concentrate on the cybersecurity because they consider it as an unwanted expense. By creating a cybersecurity law, you and your company can get trained in it and control your entire organization as a professional. Also, try attending programs for small businesses in your country to understand businesses with a 360-degree view.

 Make backup copies of your data

There might be many documents to maintain in the office, which if lost would hurt the company big time. To avoid these data loss, make a continuous backup of all the valid documents in the office. The best would be to make three individual backups because you would always have the other two.

Secure your wifi networks

There was a time when customers never trusted wifi because it would be easier to hack into and steal all the information. However, with today’s technology, with mobile phones and tablets on the rise, create a wifi network strong enough so that no one would be able to bypass its security.

 Limit employee access to data

The office environment which consists of the computer and the network along with it must be limited when it comes to access. Only the employees’ must be given access to the network because this would ensure no data loss and you would be able to track every data loss from any device.

 Have hard passwords

This is so basic. We all know that a secure password is like a platform ticket for data security. By creating complicated passwords, your network becomes tough to crack and allows no loss of data outside your office premises.

 Firewall security

Many companies are aware of the threats involved in the cyber world and understand the need for external firewall security. However, today, there is also need for internal firewall security which does not allow any breaches from any direction. Install firewall security even if employees’ do work from home.

 Try Cybersecurity Insurance

If your company focuses on creating products in computer networks, then it goes without saying that it would be best to hire insurance capable of understanding the need to protect every data in your company. By having cybersecurity insurance, your company has total freedom of using the office network without the worries of it being hacked.

 Have a mobile security plan too

Since many employees’ do own a mobile phone, it would be easier to access information from mobile phones itself. So, it would be better also to have a plan which supports cybersecurity even for mobile devices because this would not allow hackers to get into your data.

 Email security

Since most of the information is transferred through emails in the business world, they are also prone to cyber threats. A single virus mail can compromise your entire network security and allow data to be used by hackers.

 Make secure Payments

Most payments are made through online portals and gateways. Just by a single stroke, all the payments made could be compromised. Even though many banks have private portals for secure payments, it is imperative to have a reliable security system so that no payment leaves the company.

 Create multi-factor identification

Even a single security mistake made by you or your employee could collapse your entire data. By creating a multi-factor identification system, it becomes tough for hackers to access your data. Try to create more than two or three systems to authenticate your office information.

HR2eazy is the most advanced payroll software capable of controlling your entire organization and providing you with the abilities to concentrate on more business. The modules in our payroll software are unique and comprehensive by understanding thoroughly how does the functioning of company work. We provide the most customized solutions understanding the workflow of every industry. For more information, please visit http://www.hr2eazy.com.

How to manage work place stress

 When it comes to working in a company, a place where much handling takes place to meet due dates and other criteria, the workspace would turn to a stress space if not handled well. To control your environment, one must perform all their duties for a stress-free environment.


Here are the below reasons that do cause problems in the office structure. Since everyone in the office is different, everyone should be given special care during communication, or else there are possibilities of you facing conflict in the office which would cause great misery.


The level of pressure experienced relies upon the working of two defensive physiological components:

 Alarm Reaction

 At the point when faced with risk to our wellbeing, our first reaction is physiological excitement: our muscles contract and breathing and heart rate turn out to be faster. This serves us well when the risk is the proverbial bull in the field surging towards us. We either battle or escape. The present-day dangers tend to be more mental—for instance, unjustified verbal assault by a predominant at work. It is typically not socially worthy to act by “battle or on the other hand flight,” and an elective method for communicating the resultant enthusiastic and physical vitality is required.


The second versatile system enables us to stop reacting when we discover that boosts in the earth are not anymore danger to our wellbeing. For instance, when we initially invest energy in a house close to trains, our reaction to trains plunging past is to be startled, as portrayed previously. After some time, our response decreases. If this procedure does not work, we would, in the end, fall from physical wear and tear, and mental depletion.

Stress are some things which are not discussed in the office because it relates to the spiritual self and people are mostly not comfortable to talk about their mental state to others. By not people addressing this, people handle stress at various levels which could cause problems in certain situations.

 Here are a few ideas which would help you out to cope stress in the office.

 Realize yourself

It is imperative to understand oneself their trigger points and their attitude towards problems. This is not to know how people would react to a situation, but to understand the entire office system and engage in a case where no problem comes in your way.

 Complete given work on time

Every company runs on a strict target and must be focused to achieve those every time. Managers would not be in a position to entertain you if the work has not been completed on time. Moreover, since managers are the handling committee, they would force you to finish the job on time.

 This would push you to your limits because you would feel like your manager would be annoying you every time to finish a job. There may be many distractions around us, but ensure that you complete your work on time, so the manager’s problem does not arise anymore.

 There are things beyond your control

You cannot expect a peaceful environment everywhere around you because that’s not how life is. There are some situations which could go out of hand, and one must be in a position to handle them. When these situations arise, think like a rational person and analyze things around you. This would allow you to view with a birds-eye view exhibiting a 360-degree view of every problem and this would let you give the best solution to the exact problem.

 Establish boundaries

Every person on this planet is bound to have certain limits where no one else would be allowed to enter their personal space. By establishing boundaries for your area, you stay on the bright side because no employee would want to get the wrong side of you.

 Don’t go for lesser salaries

A workplace is a place which pays you for the skills you own, and there is always a market value for every position in your area or state. If you worked for lesser salaries, it would give your mind a conflict of interest not allowing you to concentrate on your work continuously.

 We go for less paying jobs to sustain our lifestyle, but this would turn adverse upon hearing your friends pay for the same role. Always go for a company which pays you according to business standards so that you can concentrate on your work and not on the pay anymore.

 Control your multitasking abilities

Even though multitasking is said to be the way to cut time and do more work, it brings in inefficiency along with it. In today’s timeline, there is need to perform multiple tasks, but if you could focus on the work at the moment, you would be able to achieve with much accuracy.

 Talk to your friends

Friends are always there to help you in any situation. Just explain these to your friends, and you could expect an understandable explanation to all your problems. Even if you do not receive any solutions, only by exhibiting your pain would be able to remove the hatred from you.

 Have enough sleep and have food

This may sound simple as you read. However, these are the two main reasons which lead to many problems. By not having adequate sleep and food, you might be very vulnerable to problems and would tend to create issues out of thin air.

 Listen to music

This might be too consulting, but music does allow to calm your senses and give you a rebirth kind of phase when you listen to good music. This would be a game changer and would allow you to innovate in work rather than being less involved.

 Stay organized

Every work has the best method to solve queries. By analyzing every solution to the question, you could create a solution box which could handle most of the situations, instead of searching for the same answers you studied about earlier. This would save you much time because you would have answers to most of the questions beforehand.

 These are just a few methods to understand the stress and give a better solution to it. There are many other alternatives to cope up with this and lead a happier and focused life. One of the essential traits to avoid stress is to hold on patience because it only relieves you from any other pain in mind.

HR2eazy is a payroll software create to reduce the work pressure of the HR functionalities of every company. By using HR2eazy, you could streamline the HR processing of any company like Payroll Management, Inventory Management, Travel Management, Recruitment Management and so on and also allows your company to concentrate on more important matters like improving the business and much more.

Best budgeting structure for a company – To create an impact on the customers

Even though there are many companies which aim to produce different products and services, there must be a stable and liable budget structure which would be able to take care of all the financial costs to the company. WIthout having a final composition, it would be difficult to move forward because of most of the time without a definite structure; there could transfers which could not match the incoming cash flow.

 The company should also be ready to create a budget which would allow the company to see through the future with short-term and long-term goals. The budget also gives you clean access to records which provides a clear picture of the expenditure of the company.




Every business begins with the budget and the energy that can be added to develop a business. If your investments are going to be low or experimental, it would be better to set up a budget with the available resources.

 If you do believe that your business is going to be the next big thing every person on this planet would want for, there are all reasons enough to go for higher expenditure rate to prove what your intentions are made of.



The fixed cost section includes every cost incurred with expenses which should be accounted every month. This budget would give you a clear picture on the materials you need, the staffs required for the job, the required inventory for it like air conditioners, laptops, and so on like room rent if any and much more.

 This section must be given much preference because it is what mostly accounts for the 80% expenditure of the company in a single month.


Mostly the variable expenses would change every month due to different circumstances like commissions, advertising, transportation, printing costs, wages of employees’ and much more. By calculating these expenses accurately, you would be able to view the cash flow of the company.


These are the unforeseen expenses that must also be allocated in your budget. Some of the costs are damages to your equipment, new inventory expense and much more. If the financial credits are not maintained, it would be tough because you would need to arrange it all of a sudden.


 Track and prioritize your expenses

As your business begins, you must keep track of every payment made per month. With this calculation, you would be able to find the inconsistencies in your expenses like unwanted inventories or raw materials, need for new accessories and other essential costs so that there is no waste of money.

 Automate your calculations

With the help of technology, there are automated resources where every calculation needed to be made can be performed with the help of payroll software. By approaching this method, the possibility of errors to occur is very rare. This would allow you to focus more on improving the business rather than performing calculations, which sometimes is a time involving the process.

The second reason there is the need for a payroll software because when you are starting a business, you would have ailed for sources from banks or other savings. By tracking accurately, payments can be made in the right amounts without any extra payment. By using advanced payroll software, you can automate salary expenses, pay certain taxes and much more be providing more time by avoiding manual calculations.

HR2eazy is the most advanced and the most affordable payroll software in entire Malaysia aimed to reduce the work pressure of every HR function by creating comprehensive solutions. We provide you with modules like Recruitment Management, KPI Management, Inventory Management, Payroll Management and much more. By using HR2eazy, your entire expenditure is wholly streamlined and thus providing you with complete freedom to concentrate on what you love, More Business. For more information, please visit www.hr2eazy.com

HR2eazy Payroll Software latest update – Timesheet Dashboard

HR2eazy has come up with new and integrated modules. Now you can control your office more than before. Since we understood about the need to improve modules and give new features to them in certain areas, we have come up with certain additions which would help you streamline the entire working process in your organization.

The new enhancements in the HR2eazy are




In our previous online timesheet calculator, there was scope for marking down the tasks completed by every employee in the office. This would allow managers and HR’s to view whether an employee has marked in the correct amount of working hours, but this does not allow oneself to show which employee is working on which project. So, to come up with a unique solution to identify this problem, we have added a dashboard which gives away the complete history of work credentials.

The timesheet dashboard consists of the following modules:

Task entry

Just by selecting the Client for which the project is being done, it gives you the complete details for every project without any confusions in the future. You can also add any tasks about the project so that each employee can be accounted for every work in the given project.

Project Entry

Every project has a unique ID which can lead to easy file searching capabilities in the future. In the Project Entry module, every intricate detail is being entered here like the project name, the project type, the manager involved in the project, the client’s name and the manager appointed from the client’s side. Even the project is allocated with a finite start and end date to ensure the project is completed on time.

For a streamlined flow, the status of the project is also given as whether it is still in progress, completed, kept on hold, canceled, etc. The health of the project is also indicated to give a better view of whether all the work involved in the project is going in the right direction or not. Even it has a radio button which gives out the activity of the project, whether the project is active or not. With all this information, now your company can do more and managers can control the entire working of the project and ensure projects to be completed on time.

Client Entry

The client entry holds the valuable information to contact the client because need may arise any time and right then if we do not have the contact information it would be difficult to trace them immediately. To avoid this, we have given every client detail and their projects so you could contact the clients as soon as possible and to eradicate the query immediately.

To avoid any confusions, we have created fields like industry type of the client, the phone and address of the client, their facsimile number, the country they belong to and also a radio button to mention whether the project is active or not. This would act as a client database so that at any instance you would be able to search for the client and have a meaningful session with them.

Resource Cost

Every project has a price in which the entire project has to be completed within the mentioned budget. Every individual employee would be allocated with a certain cost per day, which is mostly for 8 hours in most cases. This would give complete information about the contribution of the employee towards every project, and since it is integrated with the payroll, accurate payslips can be created.


In this new enhancement in the resignation process, employees’ would now be able to apply for resignation and submit them along with the required papers to their concern managers along with the reason for resignation or retirement. After uploading the necessary information, managers have the control to accept or decline the resignation made by the employee. The last date or the notice period to be served would be mentioned in this module. This would empower employees’ to streamline the entire resignation process.

With these two enhancements, your workplace just got much better. Now, enjoy your workplace with ease with our HR2eazy software and understand the opportunities that might come your way because we help you with the entire HR administration in your office. HR2eazy is the most affordable and the most advanced payroll software in entire Malaysia, for more information, please do visit http://www.hr2eazy.com for more information.