How to curb discrimination in the workplace using technology?

Even though we might talk about it a million times, discrimination still exists everywhere, in the office and out on our streets too. Also though the Malaysian government has taken many steps to take care of these issues, it is the people who have to change to make sure everyone is feeling equal in the workplace. Here is how employers and the HR department make sure there is no discrimination in the organization premises. Employers can use tools within HR technology for more than just processing payroll and onboarding employees; they can also combat bias in a company’s culture. Here’s how to eliminate discrimination with HR technology during four stages of the employee lifecycle.


  1. Recruiting

Discrimination in hiring has been an ongoing issue for both job seekers and hirers, whether it be about age, race, sex, or education. Just reading a name on a resume can result in immediate judgment made without even interviewing the applicant.

HR technology platforms can generate reports using fields such as sex and age to show the socio-demographic makeup of your workforce. Executive-level managers can then monitor applicant reports for common patterns to make sure managers are not discriminating during the hiring process. These reports can be housed in a unified system for easy access by multiple users.

      2. Onboarding

Providing employee handbooks during the onboarding process will set behavior expectations for new employees from day one. Employee handbooks help to administer company policies for all employees, regardless of their role in the organization. Furthermore, it is essential for managers and HR staff to reinforce these policies, so all employees are being treated equal and held to the same standards.

HR software allows you to store electronic versions of your employee handbook and employees can even sign when they receive their textbooks. Having these documents and activities saved in a centralized database makes it easier for managers to gather information if a discrimination claim is filed.

Why Handbooks are Important:

Use your handbook to set the tone of your company’s culture, as new hires with poor onboarding experiences are twice as likely to find new jobs.

3. Training

The most frequent type of discrimination that appears in terminations and failure-to-promote cases is ageism. To help eliminate age and other prejudice allegations, employers should have an organized training structure on diversity.

HR technology allows you to manage your employees’ training modules in an online database. This gives employees the option to complete training at their own pace, especially for those who miss in-person sessions. Some platforms even send alerts notifying users to complete their modules, ensuring they are current on workplace diversity training.


Regardless of the policies, you establish for fair performance evaluations, and employees may complain their assessment was inaccurate for discriminatory reasons. A workforce management system with online performance reviews grants employees the opportunity first to evaluate themselves using the online system and gives employers a better understanding of an employee’s thoughts about their performance.

Performance reviews also make it easier for employers to align more with how their employees are progressing in their roles. With instant access to information like performance goals, pay rates, and promotion history, there can be an open discussion about employee performance for a more positive work environment.

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How to create an effective business strategy for your organization?

An organization consists of various business perspectives to be maintained or else business would go down as usual. Since there are many business structures, one must be followed to move your organization to a whole new level. Here are a few business strategies that would improve the capabilities of the organization.


  1. Accumulate the certainties

To know where you’re heading, you need to know where you are at this moment. So before you begin looking forward, you should audit the past execution or the present circumstance. Take a gander at every territory of the business and figure out what functioned admirably, what could have been exceptional and what openings lie ahead.

There are numerous apparatuses and systems accessible to help with this procedure, for example, SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) investigation.

You should take a gander at your qualities and shortcomings. What’s more, for the chances and dangers you should take a gander at outside elements. An extraordinary structure for taking a gander at external components is PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental). Things being what they are, for your enormous thought or plan you would ask: what dangers and openings could emerge under every classification?

The most critical part in the procedure is including the ideal individuals to ensure you’re gathering the essential data.

  1. Build up a dream proclamation

This announcement ought to portray the future course of the business and its points in the medium to long haul. It’s tied in with depicting the association’s motivation and qualities. Business masters have discussed long and hard about what starts things out – the vision, or the statement of purpose.

     3. Build up a statement of purpose

Like the vision explanation, this characterizes the association’s motivation, yet it likewise plots its essential destinations. This spotlights on what needs doing in the here and now to understand the long haul vision. Things being what they are, for the vision articulation, you might need to answer the inquiry

  • What do we do?
  • How would we do it?
  • Whom do we do it for?
  • What esteem do we bring?
  1. Recognize vital destinations

At this stage, the point is to build up an arrangement of abnormal state targets for all zones of the business. They have to feature the needs and educate the plans that will guarantee conveyance of the organization’s vision and mission.

By investigating at your audit in stage one, specifically the SWOT and PESTLE examination, you can join any unique qualities and shortcomings into your destinations.

Significantly, your goals must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related). Your goals should likewise incorporate factors, for example, KPI’s, asset assignment and spending prerequisites.

  1. Strategic Plans

This is the ideal opportunity to put some meat on the bones of your procedure by interpreting the critical destinations into more point by point here and now designs. These designs will contain activities for offices and capacities in your association. You may even need to incorporate providers.

You’re presently concentrating on quantifiable outcomes and imparting to partners what they have to do and when. You can even think about these strategic plans as short dashes to execute the system practically speaking.

  1. Execution Management

All the arranging and diligent work may have been done. However, it’s imperative to consistently audit all targets and activity intends to ensure you’re still on track to accomplish that general objective. Overseeing and observing an entire system is a mind-boggling errand, which is the reason many chiefs, administrators and business pioneers are looking to elective techniques for taking care of procedures. Making, overseeing and checking on a methodology expects you to catch the significant data, separate substantial pieces of data, plan, organize, catch the pertinent data and have a clear fundamental vision.

HR2eazy is a payroll software which is much advanced and at the same time affordable for every organization in entire Malaysia. Even though the system is complicated, the tools are user-friendly and would allow every HR department to work in its most elegant forms. For more information, please visit

How to make payrolls during critical situations?

Payroll is an essential task in every organization, and if not delivered to the employees’ at the right moment, it could cause more problems than usual. Amid a terrifying and disastrous time, which could happen to any company the security of a paycheck can help get individuals through the vulnerability. How would you as a business guarantee your representatives are getting paid in a crisis? We have a couple of thoughts that we think will help.


Go Paperless

Because a crisis happens doesn’t mean your workers can’t get paid – in case you’re utilizing the correct finance supplier, that is. The present most finance suppliers are all cloud-based, which means you can spend your workers whenever, anyplace. Using a 100% paperless finance process guarantee your representatives are paid paying little heed to the uncontrollable issues at hand. With paperless finance, you can rapidly pay your representatives through either coordinate store or play cards, which implies your workers are paid on time, without fail. The critical thing is for you to be able to get to your finance from anyplace whenever because there’s no telling what kind of circumstance you or your representatives might be placed in amid a crisis.

Secure Your Data

This is something that should be performed before a crisis strikes. With cloud innovation taking the front line in finance preparing, this is a discussion to have with your finance supplier. Solicit them what compose from security includes their server farms have if they utilize reinforcement generators, and where the server farms are found. Server farms should use excess power for an insignificant disturbance in case of a cataclysmic event.

Have A Plan

You cannot control when a crisis occurs, however, you can control how you will respond in the fallout. Having a proactive arrangement will give you and your workers a feeling of dependability, and will set a desire for what will happen post-crisis.

Have an arrangement for different crises, including standard, digital, and nearby.

Give a broad preparing to representatives, so they knew and educated of what will occur in case of a crisis.

The direct standard trial of the present arrangement set up to make sure the method is viable. Utilize the outcomes to distinguish shortcoming and make upgrades to the system.

Pay Regulations To Keep In Mind

Do your representatives get next store or paper checks for their paychecks? Is it true that they are excluded or nonexempt? There are substantial legitimate issues and strategies to mull over when attempting to issue paychecks amid a crisis. On the off chance that you have crisis staff working for your organization, let them know how the payroll interval will function, what extra time to expect, and so forth.

Attempting to stay aware of consistence subtle elements amidst a crisis can be somewhat of a test, and you need to ensure your workers are being paid precisely. Chat with your record supervisor to check whether your finance supplier remains a la mode on all administration directions. Archive center points and announcing highlights can be an enormous help in guaranteeing that your business doesn’t endure any extra shots monetarily by evading government fines.

We feel compelled to pressure this as much as possible – taking preventive measures can be your business’ redeeming quality in case of a crisis. Ensuring your workers are paid can assist them with affording the assets they’ll need, and dealing with your representatives ought to dependably be the best need for your organization amid a crisis.

Imagine a scenario in which your business is shut for multi-day or more on account of a calamity. Do you need to pay salaried, excluded workers for nowadays?

That relies upon to what extent your business was shut. As per the Department of Labor, if the market closes the store because of severe climate or other cataclysmic events for not as much as a full week’s worth of work, the company must pay the worker’s full pay regardless of whether:

The business does not have an actual blue advantages plan.

The representative has no accumulated advantages in the leave bank.

The representative has constrained accumulated leave advantages and lessening the gathered leave will result in a negative adjust.

The worker has a negative adjustment in the gathered leave bank.

None of these situations block paying the worker. Private managers may, in any case, deduct from an excluded worker’s leave bank for any days that the worksite was shut, regardless of whether for the entire day or half day nonattendances, as long as the representative gets installment equivalent to their ensured pay.

Then again, if the business is shut for a full week’s worth of work, the industry does not have to pay excluded representatives for the week that the company was closed.


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HR2eazy HR Payroll Software is a leading payroll service provider in Malaysia. HR2eazy Payroll software comes with all the latest features and developed keeping an eye on the future.

How can HR2eazy save a lot of money for your company?

A good payroll software would be like a skilled HR team which allows the entire company to keep the perfect cash flow in the company. HR2eazy is a global payroll software which helps your company to make decisions on your own, but all the processing makes it simple for HR teams to work with better with better coherent collaborations in the company.


Here are some of the reasons why HR2eazy would be the best payroll software for your company:

The cost of consistency

If you are maintaining a business in Malaysia, then you have to think about consistency. This implies keeping your business following government enactment and controls. It incorporates tax assessment, detailing, business laws and finance.

Consistency requires some bad energy, and time is cash – your cash. This is especially valid for private ventures, where proprietors frequently need to juggle a few distinct caps, for example, chief, clerk, HR supervisor and prospective customer. On the off chance that you work out how long you spend keeping on top to cling to Malaysia’s assessment frameworks.

What is finance programming worth to your business?

While some bookkeeping frameworks accompany finance worked in, another finance programming will cost you additional. The crucial inquiry is whether that is a value worth paying for your business. As it were, will finance bookkeeping programming spare you more cash than it costs? Here are four things to ask yourself.

What will the product cost you?

Research the market. Discover how entirely different programming costs, remembering some will require consistent updates or month to month membership charges. Some product gives you a chance to have boundless additional clients for nothing out of pocket, which could spare you a great deal of cash.

What amount does finance work cost you now?

This is the other piece of the condition. One approach to assess this is to include the aggregate sum of time spent by you and other individuals in your business doing finance work. Glance through the rundown of finance errands prior in this guide and include the time you spend on them. Allot an hourly rate to this work. Increase the two together and compute the yearly cost of finance-related errands for your business.

Look after consistency

When you have finance and bookkeeping as one arrangement, it lessens the danger of mistakes that are normal with manual information section. With mechanized and associated programming you’ll have significant serenity realizing that you’re consistent.

Is it better to keep up a spreadsheet?

It’s normal for organizations to utilize Excel for finance, yet spreadsheets are regularly filled with mistakes. For individuals who know how to function spreadsheets to their maximum capacity, these projects can perform profoundly complex computations. Numerous independent companies overlook that it’s a complex application and do not limit it to those with ability. Accordingly, many associations utilize spreadsheets to help with finance and think that it is more troublesome than they anticipated. With administrative consistency figured in, your business will be defenseless to money related punishments on the off chance that you don’t move from Excel to proper bookkeeping and finance programming.

You may likewise hurt the organization’s notoriety among representatives if you keep on using a spreadsheet. There are many reasons this could happen. One being that there are consistent changes to complicated directions and any issues can cause issues between the business and the worker. Another is the way that spreadsheets don’t ensure consistent quality. Dissimilar to finance programming, your information won’t be consequently sponsored up on the off chance that you lose it.

Empowers Automation

The robotization innovation included will enable you to empower custom and pre-set computerization programs. You will have the capacity to consequently check for consistency issues and strategy changes, allowing you with the certainty that business is continually being dealt with.

Breaks down Data and Creates Reports

Maybe the most significant part of HR programming is its capacity to give information-driven reports. Using the information went into the framework, you will have the ability to rapidly create reports and expectations that will enable you to contrast yourself with the opposition and discover ways where you can center around decreasing expenses.

Takes out Fraud

As per look into, a common independent venture will lose more than 5% of their aggregate income to worker mishandle and misrepresentation. These infringements may incorporate wage and hour misrepresentations or various other fake cases. Via computerizing errands like hourly participation and finance preparing, you will decrease the open door for counterfeit action and make it less demanding to pinpoint the individuals who are harming the business.

Decreases Human Error

Another driving wellspring of excessive business costs is a human mistake. By giving a mechanized framework to process HR errands, you will lessen the probability of a run of the mill messes up like twofold sections and enable representatives to double check their work for any oversights that may have been composed the first run mistakenly through.

What more? Why go for a mediocre payroll software or calculate payrolls through Excel when HR2eazy provides more delicate information with ease. Purchase HR2eazy for your company and make the best decisions your company can. For more information, please visit

How to make payrolls the easier way?

The HR department is undoubtedly one of the most important teams in an organization because they only take care of the cash flow of the company. They have to handle not only a lot of work but which is usually followed by the stress along with it.

Even for a large corporation or a startup, HR departments have to create various files regarding payments and creating invoices adhering to the government of the respective country.

You are likely not the only one if the day you process finance is your most distressing time. Regardless of whether you are a bookkeeper, entrepreneur, or HR proficient, dealing with the finance procedure can be testing.

The problem of missing a due date, misjudging esteem, or neglecting to consider an administrative or duty change can distract everything. You need to ensure representatives get their cash on time and guarantee the procedure is as proficient and functional as could be expected under the circumstances. Payroll must be clear, so read on for nine hints to convey some straightforwardness to your finance procedure.

Payroll Software Malaysia
Payroll Software Malaysia

Have All Employees Classified by Employment Type

Regardless of whether you have ten workers or a considerable number of employees in your organization, keeping everybody’s business grouping straight can be troublesome. Regardless of whether somebody is low maintenance, full-time, independent, a temporary worker, or an understudy, or even a freelance can affect how you pay them. Having this data primed and ready can influence the finance to process a considerable measure less demanding and precise.

Think about Getting More Help

Finance is a crucial piece of the back procedure, so it bodes well to have somebody committed to taking care of this piece of the planning framework. Consider enlisting a low maintenance partner to enter financial data, screen changes in directions, and scatter installment. While this might be an additional cost, his or her experience can avert more significant budgetary issues down the line.

Place resources into a Payroll Management System.

Finance frameworks can deal with finance numbers, gather worker data, finance robotization, and the programmed observing and consideration of new business and duty laws. Executing a finance framework is an excellent method to endeavor to limit human blunder and let innovation deal with a portion of the regular assignments that accompany finance administration.

Track time in your office with ease

If you have a ton of hourly workers, it bodes well to have an instrument for representatives to track their chance proficiently. Put resources into either an active time following framework or a task administration instrument with time following highlights (locate some excellent PM programming choices here) that track worker time with negligible manual work. Take a seat with representatives and underline the requirement for workers to utilize it for the exactness of their paychecks and discover a framework that can coordinate with your finance framework. A decent time following apparatus can keep somebody on staff from entering data two times. Additionally, numerous question can happen when chiefs and representatives differ about time worked, and a dependable time following framework can keep this.

Improved training

Organizations must always have to implement newer technologies or else there would be lesser productivity. Even though there are many older methods in the market, Business Process Reengineering must ever be made possible in a company to keep its competitors at bay.

Train your employees’ continually to upgrade your workforce, bring in newer inventories that increase the productivity of your company and also many other factors.

Use agile methods

It may be enough to have one person handling payroll when you only have ten employees. When there is a larger organization, there is the need for more HR personnel when the organization is also overgrowing. Companies should use the latest tools and processes which would help along with the growing company where every new trend in the market is given importance like tax payments, EIS and much more.

Not having enough hands can cause delays in installment, workaholic behavior, and general slip-ups. In this way, you could develop your HR team of professionals at a similar rate your public representatives are expanding. Additionally, put resources into a finance framework or finance impose programming that enables you to include more fancy odds and ends as you require them.

Combine pay cycles

A few proprietors and HR experts connect particular pay cycles to representatives because of their business grouping (hourly, week after week, month to month, full time and low maintenance).

In any case, because of the troubles in staying aware of all the diverse business composes and the inclination for errors to happen, it bodes well for the organization to keep everybody on a similar payment plan however much as could reasonably be expected. This declines the measure of work finance groups must do and diminishes the likelihood for botches or deferrals in handling installment.

More than this, there are many other methods which would develop over time and create a powerful workforce in any reputed organization. HR2eazy Payroll Software is a powerful HRMS tool which takes care of your entire organization and provides the best solutions in entire Malaysia. For more information, please visit

How will self service improve the productivity of your company?

Employees’ have a million tasks to perform in an organization. Even though their scope of services is limited, they play different functions which are allocated to various departments. To accomplish these tasks, there must be proper communication within departments to complete tasks with utmost precision, or else projects would never get finished or would contain full or errors.

To reduce the communication gap, it would be better to create a system which is governed and contacted through automated means to increase the precision of your projects. HR2eazy is a powerful HRMS application Even though there are many employees’ on the task, there are chances of error because computers only can be precise when it comes to running an entire organization.

Here are some of the tasks managers and other administrators can perform with the help of self-service which could aid in better efficiency and productivity of the company.

pressing a touchscreen button

Efficient Document Sharing

Office related documents and other critical work-related documents are always on the rise for efficient completion of work. Whenever employees’ are transferring documents, there are chances for the papers to get lost or also it would take a lot of time for searching the records.

Instead of wasting time, for example, the HR department can save all the employee file records, their certificates and much more in a single database and use them whenever they want. This would reduce the time for acquiring the document every time from another department because they already have the report in the cloud system reducing the time for data transfers with the help of self-service.

Reduce in response time

The HR team of personnel has a lot of work to attend to on a daily basis like mark attendance, cash in inventories, publish payslips, make travel arrangements and much more. When they have multiple tasks to attend to, it will become difficult to for them to keep track of every function and perform them within the given period.

Before there was payroll software, employees’ used to mark in their attendance which was later marked in by the HR personnel which was connected to their payrolls. Even if the employee is present and has not marked their participation, it would be difficult to identify which employee had failed to score their attendance.

But, with technology employees’ would be able to mark their attendance for the employee and this reduces the confusion because there was not any conversation between the employee and the HR department.

The same goes for other processes like recruitment, payslips and much more. By reducing the human interactions, HR2eazy allows your company to stay on the right side by providing you the right resources to control the environment with the help of simple modules.

Upgrade your workforce

When it comes to finding your best employee for a promotion, it takes close to hours and hours of performance research of every individual in the organization and seeing their best traits. To conduct the best performance appraisals, managers must come together and hold meetings to analyze the best employee.

With the help of HR2eazy’s KPI management, all the managers could work individually and find the best employee based on their contribution, their performance and much more. This would reduce the time for finding the best employee for promotion.

Centralized Interface

Instead of calling out to every employee in the organization to information about tomorrow’s leave or any other valuable information, it would be tedious to notify every employee in the organization of the unexpected circumstance. The entire HR2eazy software runs on centralized details where the required information is transferred to the organization as a whole.

Just by entering information into the software, all of your employees’ would be aware of the information, and this reduces the time for informing employees’ as a whole, and one could concentrate on important tasks and much more aiding in the development of the organization.

Better Analytics

Every manager has to deliver comprehensive reports for inter-organization communication. With HR2eazy’s inbuilt analytics, you would be able to provide better reports from various streams like attendance, performance, expenses and much more and deliver them with ease. This reduces the time to make statements and improves self-service because there is no need for an expert individual to create reports for the organization.

Stay connected always

In today’s office, employees’ can work from home and complete their work. Employees’ could be informed of their tasks and mark their attendance from their home instead of punching through the interface every time.

Employees’ and HR personnel can create a meaningful relationship in their way and perform all the tasks to be completed in an organization without any hesitation even though they are not together.

HR2eazy is a fantastic payroll software which allows your HR Team to concentrate more on efficiency when we take care of all of your HR capabilities. Now, your HR team possesses more time to focus on tasks which are integral for the company. We provide you with powerful tools like recruitment management, KPI management, Payroll management, Inventory management to take care of all your payroll needs for a successful business enterprise.












How to maintain your inventories in your organization?

There are always better ways to handle all your HR capabilities, and the fun part is that it keeps on changing according to newer trends due to changing environments. Inventories are an essential part of a company where there are many things HR and other inventory managers to maintain or else, and one could not even guess whether there are missing or extra inventories in your workplace.

Other than employees’ everything your company owns is officially called an asset and all of them must be measured, maintained for better usage of your inventories or else they might wear out at the last moment.

The other cases or wrong handling of assets are when they are missing from the company due to fraudulent workers who could cause huge fines due to losing on the commitment your company gave to its clients.

The HR department should maintain a balanced registry to understand the total assets, the wear, and tear of their products, the assets which are coming in and moving out of the organization and a possible vendor list of all the equipment so that the HR department could continually create relationships with other vendors.

There would be a lot of products entering and leaving your company in a fast-paced environment, they should be adequately maintained, or else it could wear out, label everything that is going into the warehouse and much more.

Even though many payroll software assists the HR department to handle their inventories legitimately, HR2eazy provides an all-round experience which allows other companies to maintain and govern all their stocks more effectively than ever.


Here are some of the features of the HR2eazy software for Inventory Management needs.

Inventory List

The entire list of your assets is maintained in a neat ledger with all the valuable information. Every complex information about your inventories are saved like the product number, the actual photo of the product, the location of the product, the expiry date of the product, the status whether active or inactive, the worth of the merchandise and much more.

With all the valuable information, you never have to lose another product and have a grip on all the information so that you never feel lost. To help you more, you can also save the vendor information, so that you could call them immediately instead of searching for the vendor name and make purchases instantly.

Inventory Assignment

A detailed description of the duties assigned to every asset. Every asset is correctly categorized with the nature of operating and capital expenditure expenses allowing HR departments to sort out the assets and differentiate them accordingly carefully.

If there are multiple organizations to maintain, you can explicitly specify the name of the organization and sort out based on the usage if inventories are sent to different organizations. The location can also be clearly tracked so that there is no need for searching for the assets.

Inventory Location

HR2eazy provides with a location-based search too for all your inventory searches. Whenever there is a need to assess all the assets based on a particular place, one would be able to find all the existing inventories at a specific time and a place. So, whenever your manager wants to check out the assets, you could receive finite answers, and this allows your manager to know that you are doing a great job.

Inventory Movement

Whenever your inventory moves out from your organization, the movement is tracked until the asset comes back to the organization. The inventory manager’s name is also noted and can be contacted whenever you want. You can even mention the reason for the movement for information purposes.

Vendor List

The vendor list provides with all the information about all the assets belonging to the company. You can use this module as a Customer relationship management tool and instantly you can control all the inventories and immediately place an order whenever you are running out of resources.

When your payroll software can take care of all your inventories, it would be not necessary to maintain a separate inventory management software, and you could save a lot when it comes to the expenses. HR2eazy provides various controls in your organization like payroll management, recruitment management, KPI Management and much more.

To add icing on the cake, HR2eazy is the most affordable payroll software in entire Malaysia to provide you with many other benefits other than payroll processing and with automation, your complete software can bring more time for the HR departments to concentrate on developing other capabilities instead of focus on just payroll processing.

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