HR and Payroll Software – Free!!! “HR2eazy Mini”

We know you are always motivated to improve your overall business productivity. Your employee plays a vital role in your overall growth. Currently, you need a better HR and Payroll Software product to monitor and track your entire resources.

We are launching the free version of our existing product HR2eazy Mini a game changer for your HRMS payroll services.

Here we list down the amazing benefits and features of HR2eazy Mini Free.

HR and Payroll Software


HR2eazy Mini Free – Major Benefits

  • Best HRMS payroll software for free
  • Unlimited Employees Access for free
  • Generate your Payslip anywhere and anytime for free
  • Download password protected Payslip
  • Download EA Form
  • Export the report to Excel Sheet.
  • Mobile Ready (Android/iOS)
  • Secured HTTPS Site and Hosted on Google Secure Cloud for free
  • Income Tax / SOCSO / KWSP
  • Public Holidays
  • Company Events

 HR2eazy Mini Free – Product Details

  • HR and Payroll Process Integration: a Unified free product that suits your HRMS services and payroll processing
  • Higher Security: Hosted in the Google cloud server with future Proof security. Your employee records will be maintained with safety.
  • Easy Usage & Access: Easy to use HRMS payroll product with little or no training and you track the entire workforce without complexity.
  • Unlimited Employee Management: Manage multiple employees without difficulty.
  • Payslips Download: Download your Payslips and view the salary information.

We are very much delighted in helping you in improving your overall business. We have list down all the benefits of our product in order for you to make a right decision without wasting time.

It’s absolutely free with no hidden cost and only pays if you want advanced features.

 Please attend our product briefing to know more about the product. 

 For Product Briefing: Free payroll software

For More Info visit us: HR Payroll software


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