How to Improve Your Business through HR and Payroll System

You need a better HR and Payroll System to assist your passionate workers to do an outstanding job.

For your effective business, an integrated HRMS Payroll software is very much essential. A unified HR and Payroll System will eliminate the manual operations and out-of-data process which in turn will improve your productivity.

We are now offering HR2eazy Mini Free an integrated HR and Payroll Software to improve your business process.

Here we mentioned how you can improve your business by choosing HR2eazy Mini Free.


Easy Information Access with HR2eazy Mini Free  

You can have your Employees’ information at your Fingertips with HR2eazy Mini. It’s is hosted securely in the cloud and you can access the information anywhere and at any time with ease.

Global Business Process Monitoring with HR2eazy Mini Free  

You can monitor your business operations and track employee records wherever you go. Our unified HR and Payroll Software can help you out in monitoring your business process such as leave, claims and etc. throughout the globe. It’s a centralized repository for all your HRMS Services and Payroll services.

Available in Mobile (Android/iOS) – HR2eazy Mini Free  

Access HRMS Services and Payroll Services on the go in your mobile devices. Our HRMS Payroll Application is available in both Android and iPhone platforms. Monitor employee leaves view public holidays and company events on the go.

HRMS Payroll Services Integration with HR2eazy Mini Free  

The unified HR and Payroll Software integrates HRMS Services along with the Payroll Services and provides better results. You can easily manage your payroll processing along with your HR operations with ease.

HR2eazy Mini Free – Benefits

  • HR2eazy Mini Free offers unlimited Employee Access
  • Multiple employee profiles can be created without limits
  • Download your Payslips anywhere and at any time on the go for free
  • Secure Payslips with Password Protection.
  • View reports, track employee leaves, check company events and public holidays.

HR2eazy Mini is absolutely free with no hidden costs and only pay if you want advanced features. We have listed down all the benefits of our product in order for you to make a right decision without wasting time. We are very much delighted in helping you in improving your overall business.

We are happy to assist you

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