What’s an Efficient HR and Payroll System?

Your business operation needs an efficient tracking of employee information and data processing. The HR team and Payroll department in your organization must collaborate with each other for better business transactions.

Integrated HR and Payroll System

For the best results an integrated HR Payroll software is all you need. The integrated HRMS Payroll approach will collaborate both functionalities and reduces workloads, eliminates errors and improves efficiency and productivity. The gaps will be reduced and both the entities can focus on managing and processing the resources more effectively.


Need of HR and Payroll Software

You need a better alternative in managing your resources. A state-of-the-art HRMS payroll software is much more needed. You can track employee salaries, manage deductions, monitor leaves, add new recruits, store multiple profiles with ease.

An efficient software will take a huge administrative burden off your shoulders, reduce errors, eliminate manual operations and reducpaperworkks.

Latest Features

Bulk Records tracking: As your company grow globally tracking the records of an entire organization needs an expandable platform irrespective of the huge data is important. With latest HR and Payroll software you can create and store multiple employee profiles.

Cloud Hosting: Most of the applications are now securely hosted in the cloud with future proof security and the cloud based application can be accessed anywhere and anytime and it consumes cheap cost.

Robust Features: The features must be enormous to cater your HRMS payroll services. Dedicated dashboards, Reports management, User profiling, HR operations and payroll features are essential.

Mobile Compatibility: Nowadays, most of the applications are available on mobiles. You can track the employee information and make business process on the go with ease in your (Android/iOS) device.

Dedicated Customer Service: An efficient customer service is available for addressing all your queries which include answering technical doubts and providing general information

Current Challenges

You spend most of your time in processing your employee information. An outdated software and the manual operations will decrease the overall productivity. Without the integration of HRMS services and Payroll services there will be much of paperwork and manual operations, which in turn will increase errors and time consumption.

The software you utilize may be complex, expensive or difficult to use. It must suit your needs and it must be transparent to use without any hidden charges. It must free from administrative issues, organizational challenges, compliance risks and it must be accessed anywhere throughout the globe.

It must improve your business growth without any difficulty.

The Solution

  • An Integrated HRMS Services and Payroll Services will synchronize both functionalities and reduce your burdens.
  • An easy to use software helps you to track your resources and business transactions without no training.
  • The product must be transparent without any hidden charges and reduce manual process.
  • It must suit your business requirements.
  • It should include the required features for your business operation.
  • A central repository for your global operation.

Considering your business requirement, we are offering HR2eazy Mini. A state-of–the-art HR and Payroll product suiting your business requirement. It has amazing features that will benefit your business transaction and improve your growth

We list down the features of our product HR2eazy Mini.

HR2eazy Mini Features

  • Best HRMS payroll software
  • Unlimited Employees Access
  • Generate your Payslip anywhere and anytime
  • Download password protected Payslip
  • Export the report to Excel Sheet.
  • Mobile Ready (Android/iOS)
  • Kiosk Ready
  • Secured HTTPS Site and Hosted on Google Secure Cloud
  • Income Tax / SOCSO / KWSP Management
  • Public Holidays
  • Company Events
  • Employee Self service

We mentioned the benefits of HR2eazy Mini. We assure you that our product will improve your business operation in a better way than you imagine.

For More Info Visit Us: https://www.hr2eazy.com/



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