FREE GUIDE: 5 Advantages of Having HR and Payroll System

You run an organization where HR functions and employee payrolls plays a crucial part. Manual operation and out of date business process creates bottlenecks and complexity. You need a better solution to optimize your business procedures and to monitor the workforce operations.

HRMS services and Payroll Services are closely integrated. When you collaborate with both the functionalities you can save plenty of time, reduce paper works and gain data integrity and accuracy.

You are in a need of better HR Payroll software to eliminate your business burdens and improve your business growth. A unified HRMS Payroll software will work in your favor and helps you to run your business in a better way.

HR and Payroll Software - HR2eazy

Having integrated HR and Payroll System has many advantages

HR and Payroll – Simplifies Operation

Managing your resources and calculate their payroll is never an easy task, there are many procedures to be followed when evaluating their actual salary to be paid and determining the deductions. You may have to monitor the employee’s productive hours, calculate taxes and other deductions manually.

 You don’t need to document employee’s information and depend on spread sheet calculations forever. With unified HR and Payroll Software you can execute HRMS payroll services with just few clicks. The automated software can help you to monitor the workforce operations, store multiple records and perform payroll calculations with ease. It’s error free and accurate solution.

HR and Payroll – Saves Time

Let’s say if you are performing manual data entry and payroll calculations for all of your resources it can be burdensome and consumes lot of your productive work hours. With the latest software you can execute all your transactions, view business insights and generate reports with ease.

The automated software will take care of all your business process and saves your time. You can add new information, process payrolls, check the records of new recruits, view employment history, download Payslips and retrieve documents in little or no time.    

HR and Payroll – Eliminates Redundancy

Another benefit of unified HR and Payroll Software is it eliminates the data redundancy. With an integrated system you can have a single database, hence you input data only once, which can be shared and accessed by both the HR team and payroll team easily. Without integration you have to maintain two different databases the same employee data will be stored twice with the increase in data duplication and errors.

HR and Payroll – Accuracy

Manual calculations and out-of-date process will never yield accurate results. With the unified HRMS Services and Payroll Services you can get 100% accurate solutions. The employee information is maintained in a single database.  This eliminates data duplication and manual business process and accurate business insights can be obtained.

HR and Payroll – Security

High security is assured with cloud hosted application. The cloud application can be accessed anywhere and anytime with future proof security. The employee data can be stored securely in the cloud and their information can be maintained confidentially. Role based access can be implemented and hence the corresponding employee can check the information based on his role and the data privacy can be maintained.

Considering your business growth and your requirements we are offering HR2eazy Mini. A unified HR and Payroll software that caters your needs. It has amazing facilities that suit your business growth.

HR2eazy Mini – Features

An integrated HR and Payroll Software hosted securely in the cloud. Payslips can be downloaded anywhere and at any time. Interactive dashboards with business insights. It’s available on mobiles (Android/iOS). Employee information can be accessed on the go. Compliance to government norms. Employee leaves, information can be tracked. Unlimited employee access with unlimited records storage.

We love to assist you and will help you attain the overall productivity

For More Info Visit Us: HR Payroll software


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