Benefits of Integrated HR and Payroll System

In many organization, HR and Payroll departments are closely interconnected and most of the time they will process same employee data. When you integrate HRMS services with Payroll Services, the benefits are enormous. All you need is an integrated HR and Payroll System with the unified HRMS payroll process for your business growth.

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What You Need?

An integrated HR Payroll system is your key. It will combine both the HR and Payroll departments to work together by bridging the gaps, managing and tracking the employee information more effectively without difficulties. The employee records can be tracked and processed effectively based on the function.

Why to integrate HR Services and Payroll Services?

Eliminate the Data Redundancy: Reduce the workload by eliminating the data duplication. The employee data can be entered only once and the same information can be maintained without redundancy.

Reduce errors: A unified HRMS Payroll solution will help you in maintaining the unique data without any errors.

Report Integration:  Integrate report with employee information, the salary details and the deductions by interconnecting HR and Payroll operations.

Enhanced collaboration: The HR and Payroll departments can stick together and work better. By synchronizing HRMS services and payroll services the accurate information can be accessed forever.

 What’s the Solution?

For your successful business you need an HR and Payroll software with required features. It must interconnect HRMS services and Payroll processing and reduce your manual operations, out-of-date process and data duplication.

HR2eazy Mini Free

We offer HR2eazy Mini Free an integrated HR and Payroll software with required features. It’s not only free but it also has amazing functionalities suiting your business requirements. It will boost your business process and improve your growth.

We list down the advantages of HR2eazy Mini Free below

  • A free HR and Payroll software with amazing features
  • Global resources monitoring
  • Track employee information whenever and wherever for free
  • Get your Payslips anywhere and anytime for free
  • Secure Payslips with password protection
  • Mobile ready (Android/iOS)
  • Employees’ Information at your Fingertips on the go
  • HRMS services and payroll services Integration

Want to try HR2eazy Mini Free?

We have mentioned the advantages of HR2eazy Mini free and its amazing benefits. We are very much delighted in offering our free version for helping you in improving your business growth.

Let’s work together..

For More Info visit us: HR payroll software



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