Is HR and Payroll Software good for HR Team Only?

Source: Is HR and Payroll Software good for HR Team Only?


What are the Benefits of using HR and Payroll Software?

Probably most of you would be aware of HRM software that helps to maintain resources. But, have you ever fathomed about the sensitivity of HRMS? HRMS is basically an intricate system to handle and any kind of glitches are very hard to rectify unless a proper infrastructure is available. That’s why the benefits of HR and Payroll Software remains to be highly significant.

You might be wondering, what difference the recently designed Payroll and HR Software can make as opposed to any existing employee management software?  Here are the advanced benefits that differentiate the upgraded Payroll and  HR Software from other HR database management software.

HR Payroll Software

Large scale employee management

Unlimited employees can access their information simultaneously and the process is completely hassle-free.  The information could be accessing leave application, pay slip generation (Password protected), access to events scheduled in their organization and common holidays.

Ease of access

Certainly accessibility is the most sought-out feature nowadays. People would like to stay connected with the web anytime. The Android and IOS applications developed for Payroll and HR software are accessible 24*7 enabling global tracking.


Not all the HR database management software is customizable. The features of HR and  Payroll Software allows customizing the resources of an organization. For instance: If there are any special allowances for specified employees, the particular data can be customized to generate payroll for them. The same can be done for employees in the case of attendance management.

Extra privileges

Government forms for income tax, EPF and insurance claims shall be submitted on behalf of the employees. The respective forms can be downloaded from the web.

Secure and Safe

The benefit is not just an add-on which you can find in many employee management software. The core information of all the resources will be kept intact through the use of secured HTTP server and cloud hosting. The mechanisms used in this Payroll and HR software is confidential and cannot be intruded by dwelling threats.

These are the highlighted benefits of using Payroll and HR software. The basic functionality of HR and Payroll Software is to integrate the processes involved in HRMS and payroll which itself consolidates all the benefits in a line.

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Benefits of Integrated HR and Payroll System

In many organization, HR and Payroll departments are closely interconnected and most of the time they will process same employee data. When you integrate HRMS services with Payroll Services, the benefits are enormous. All you need is an integrated HR and Payroll System with the unified HRMS payroll process for your business growth.

hr payroll Software - HR2eazy

What You Need?

An integrated HR and Payroll system is your key. It will combine both the HR and Payroll departments to work together by bridging the gaps, managing and tracking the employee information more effectively without difficulties. The employee records can be tracked and processed effectively based on the function.

Why to integrate HR Services and Payroll Services?

Eliminate the Data Redundancy: Reduce the workload by eliminating the data duplication. The employee data can be entered only once and the same information can be maintained without redundancy.

Reduce errors: A unified HRMS Payroll solution will help you in maintaining the unique data without any errors.

Report Integration:  Integrate report with employee information, the salary details and the deductions by interconnecting HR and Payroll operations.

Enhanced collaboration: The HR and Payroll departments can stick together and work better. By synchronizing HRMS services and payroll services the accurate information can be accessed forever.

 What’s the Solution?

For your successful business you need an HR and Payroll software with required features. It must interconnect HRMS services and Payroll processing and reduce your manual operations, out-of-date process and data duplication.

HR2eazy Mini Free

We offer HR2eazy Mini Free an integrated HR and Payroll software with required features. It’s not only free but it also has amazing functionalities suiting your business requirements. It will boost your business process and improve your growth.

We list down the advantages of HR2eazy Mini Free below

  • A free HR and Payroll software with amazing features
  • Global resources monitoring
  • Track employee information whenever and wherever for free
  • Get your Payslips anywhere and anytime for free
  • Secure Payslips with password protection
  • Mobile ready (Android/iOS)
  • Employees’ Information at your Fingertips on the go
  • HRMS services and payroll services Integration

Want to try HR2eazy Mini Free?

We have mentioned the advantages of HR2eazy Mini free and its amazing benefits. We are very much delighted in offering our free version for helping you in improving your business growth.

Let’s work together..

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Mobile Application | Cloud Based HR Software | Payroll Software

Cloud Based HR and Payroll Software:

Yes, you guessed it right! You can do, everything’s on the go. Now your mobile apps are versatile and widespread suiting all your needs. We know you trust your productivity the most, doesn’t it.

You can do anything and almost everything and the possibilities are endless in addition to your existing productive apps.

hrpayroll - HR2eazy - mobileapp

Mobiles and Apps are revolutionizing the world.  Gone are the days where you have to trust your Computers for all your basic operations. With advancement in the technology the Mobile Apps are innovated meeting your needs.

Now we are in the new dimension with advanced technologies and we can do everything on our own.

You can manage your entire organization on the go through the Mobile App …..

Have you heard it!, if so that’s great! But you need a better App to manage your Organization. You need to manage your HRMS Services and Payroll Services and you can do it but with little complexity.

Beyond complexity there is another challenge. Yes! The Cost.

You need to spend a lot to govern your entire organization to cover various operations such as Payslips generation, Leave and attendance and so on….

There are few Apps available, but with a cost and hidden charges.

You need to manage your entire organization

Various apps are available already in the market but with a little cost.

What is the Solution!!! HR2eazy a new and latest app available for your mobile platforms. It has many features and the best thing, it’s free with no hidden costs and features. You can choose this App with the trust.

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FREE GUIDE: 5 Advantages of Having HR and Payroll System

You run an organization where HR functions and employee payrolls plays a crucial part. Manual operation and out of date business process creates bottlenecks and complexity. You need a better solution to optimize your business procedures and to monitor the workforce operations.

HRMS services and Payroll Services are closely integrated. When you collaborate with both the functionalities you can save plenty of time, reduce paper works and gain data integrity and accuracy.

You are in a need of better HR and Payroll System to eliminate your business burdens and improve your business growth. A unified HRMS Payroll software will work in your favor and helps you to run your business in a better way.

HR and Payroll Software - HR2eazy

Having integrated HR and Payroll System has many advantages

HR and Payroll – Simplifies Operation

Managing your resources and calculate their payroll is never an easy task, there are many procedures to be followed when evaluating their actual salary to be paid and determining the deductions. You may have to monitor the employee’s productive hours, calculate taxes and other deductions manually.

 You don’t need to document employee’s information and depend on spread sheet calculations forever. With unified HR and Payroll Software you can execute HRMS payroll services with just few clicks. The automated software can help you to monitor the workforce operations, store multiple records and perform payroll calculations with ease. It’s error free and accurate solution.

HR and Payroll – Saves Time

Let’s say if you are performing manual data entry and payroll calculations for all of your resources it can be burdensome and consumes lot of your productive work hours. With the latest software you can execute all your transactions, view business insights and generate reports with ease.

The automated software will take care of all your business process and saves your time. You can add new information, process payrolls, check the records of new recruits, view employment history, download Payslips and retrieve documents in little or no time.    

HR and Payroll – Eliminates Redundancy

Another benefit of unified HR and Payroll Software is it eliminates the data redundancy. With an integrated system you can have a single database, hence you input data only once, which can be shared and accessed by both the HR team and payroll team easily. Without integration you have to maintain two different databases the same employee data will be stored twice with the increase in data duplication and errors.

HR and Payroll – Accuracy

Manual calculations and out-of-date process will never yield accurate results. With the unified HRMS Services and Payroll Services you can get 100% accurate solutions. The employee information is maintained in a single database.  This eliminates data duplication and manual business process and accurate business insights can be obtained.

HR and Payroll – Security

High security is assured with cloud hosted application. The cloud application can be accessed anywhere and anytime with future proof security. The employee data can be stored securely in the cloud and their information can be maintained confidentially. Role based access can be implemented and hence the corresponding employee can check the information based on his role and the data privacy can be maintained.

Considering your business growth and your requirements we are offering HR2eazy Mini. A unified HR and Payroll software that caters your needs. It has amazing facilities that suit your business growth.

HR2eazy Mini – Features

An integrated HR and Payroll Software hosted securely in the cloud. Payslips can be downloaded anywhere and at any time. Interactive dashboards with business insights. It’s available on mobiles (Android/iOS). Employee information can be accessed on the go. Compliance to government norms. Employee leaves, information can be tracked. Unlimited employee access with unlimited records storage.

We love to assist you and will help you attain the overall productivity

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What’s an Efficient HR and Payroll System?

Your business operation needs an efficient tracking of employee information and data processing. The HR team and Payroll department in your organization must collaborate with each other for better business transactions.

Integrated HR and Payroll System

For the best results an integrated HR and Payroll System is all you need. The integrated HRMS Payroll approach will collaborate both functionalities and reduces workloads, eliminates errors and improves efficiency and productivity. The gaps will be reduced and both the entities can focus on managing and processing the resources more effectively.


Need of HR and Payroll Software

You need a better alternative in managing your resources. A state-of-the-art HRMS payroll software is much more needed. You can track employee salaries, manage deductions, monitor leaves, add new recruits, store multiple profiles with ease.

An efficient software will take a huge administrative burden off your shoulders, reduce errors, eliminate manual operations and reduce paperworks.

Latest Features

Bulk Records tracking: As your company grow globally tracking the records of an entire organization needs an expandable platform irrespective of the huge data is important. With latest HR and Payroll software you can create and store multiple employee profiles.

Cloud Hosting: Most of the applications are now securely hosted in the cloud with future proof security and the cloud based application can be accessed anywhere and anytime and it consumes cheap cost.

Robust Features: The features must be enormous to cater your HRMS payroll services. Dedicated dashboards, Reports management, User profiling, HR operations and payroll features are essential.

Mobile Compatibility: Nowadays, most of the applications are available on mobiles. You can track the employee information and make business process on the go with ease in your (Android/iOS) device.

Dedicated Customer Service: An efficient customer service is available for addressing all your queries which include answering technical doubts and providing general information

Current Challenges

You spend most of your time in processing your employee information. An outdated software and the manual operations will decrease the overall productivity. Without the integration of HRMS services and Payroll services there will be much of paperwork and manual operations, which in turn will increase errors and time consumption.

The software you utilize may be complex, expensive or difficult to use. It must suit your needs and it must be transparent to use without any hidden charges. It must free from administrative issues, organizational challenges, compliance risks and it must be accessed anywhere throughout the globe.

It must improve your business growth without any difficulty.

The Solution

  • An Integrated HRMS Services and Payroll Services will synchronize both functionalities and reduce your burdens.
  • An easy to use software helps you to track your resources and business transactions without no training.
  • The product must be transparent without any hidden charges and reduce manual process.
  • It must suit your business requirements.
  • It should include the required features for your business operation.
  • A central repository for your global operation.

Considering your business requirement, we are offering HR2eazy Mini. A state-of–the-art HR and Payroll product suiting your business requirement. It has amazing features that will benefit your business transaction and improve your growth

We list down the features of our product HR2eazy Mini.

HR2eazy Mini Features

  • Best HRMS payroll software
  • Unlimited Employees Access
  • Generate your Payslip anywhere and anytime
  • Download password protected Payslip
  • Export the report to Excel Sheet.
  • Mobile Ready (Android/iOS)
  • Kiosk Ready
  • Secured HTTPS Site and Hosted on Google Secure Cloud
  • Income Tax / SOCSO / KWSP Management
  • Public Holidays
  • Company Events
  • Employee Self service

We mentioned the benefits of HR2eazy Mini. We assure you that our product will improve your business operation in a better way than you imagine.

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How to Improve Your Business through HR and Payroll System

You need a better HR and Payroll System to assist your passionate workers to do an outstanding job.

For your effective business an integrated HRMS Payroll software is very much essential. A unified HR and Payroll System will eliminate the manual operations and out-of-data process which in turn will improve your productivity.

We are now offering HR2eazy Mini Free an integrated HR and Payroll Software to improve your business process.

Here we mentioned how you can improve your business by choosing HR2eazy Mini Free.


Easy Information Access with HR2eazy Mini Free  

You can have your Employees’ information at your Fingertips with HR2eazy Mini. It’s is hosted securely in the cloud and you can access the information anywhere and at any time with ease.

Global Business Process Monitoring with HR2eazy Mini Free  

You can monitor your business operations and track employee records wherever you go. Our unified HR and Payroll Software can help you out in monitoring your business process such as leave, claims and etc. throughout the globe. It’s a centralized repository for all your HRMS Services and Payroll services.

Available in Mobile (Android/iOS) – HR2eazy Mini Free  

Access HRMS Services and Payroll Services on the go in your mobile devices. Our HRMS Payroll Application is available in both Android and iPhone platforms. Monitor employee leaves, view public holidays and company events on the go.

HRMS Payroll Services Integration with HR2eazy Mini Free  

The unified HR and Payroll Software integrates HRMS Services along with the Payroll Services and provides better results. You can easily manage your payroll processing along with your HR operations with ease.

HR2eazy Mini Free – Benefits

  • HR2eazy Mini Free offers unlimited Employee Access
  • Multiple employee profiles can be created without limits
  • Download your Payslips anywhere and at anytime on the go for free
  • Secure Payslips with Password Protection.
  • View reports, track employee leaves, check company events and public holidays.

HR2eazy Mini is absolutely free with no hidden costs and only pay if you want advanced features. We have listed down all the benefits of our product in order for you to make a right decision without wasting time. We are very much delighted in helping you in improving your overall business.

We are happy to assist you

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