How to efficiently choose the right candidate for your company?

The most critical assets that every company relies on is their employees’, without them, it would be like an empty home waiting for someone to enter. By hiring the right person for your company, you move your company to the next stage where everything steps in the correct order. By analyzing this, HR2eazy, an HR and a payroll software allows you to choose the right candidate for your job without any hassles with a step by step approach so that you get to know whether you are moving in the right direction or not.

 When it comes to recruitment, which involves an HR doing all the rounds of interview, with our HR2eazy recruitment module, anyone could conduct the interview and make the right candidate work for your company.

recruitment process


 List out every post in your company that needs recruitment. Choose from a wide range of options for an efficient recruitment process like choose the candidate for an Internal or External position for your company. Select the location intended for hiring and also not down the name of the candidate requesting for the post, to avoid confusion since there may be many recruiters asking for the same position. Later, set a date for the interview and set up the status of the interview as active or not.


After selecting the desired post for the recruitment, select the skill sets required by every candidate. There is a list of 4 skill sets allocated for every candidate necessary for analyzing their critical traits in every area and select from the drop down about the result of the interview as Joined, rejected, etc. and save the information for future purposes.


This is the trickiest part because many candidates would pose as possessing the same skill set and other traits for a single post given for them to apply. Here you give out every detail like the job title, the candidate’s email address, their resumes, their expectation for salaries, their mobile number and many more information pertaining to the candidate so that every information is intact and accessible by the employer immediately so that you do not waste your time on searching for profiles.


With this HR2eazy module, the employer can find every information about the employee scheduled for the interview. Every information like their expected CTC, total years of experience, their contact details, the date for the interview, etc. are mentioned here so that you never miss out any details needed for their interview. This allows the employer to know about the employee so that they can interview the candidate with ease. You can also directly import all this information to your Excel spreadsheet so that you get to save your information on the go.


The most important decision to make is the negotiation process. This should create a win-win situation for both the company and the candidate. Before going on with the interview, precisely select the salary range for the post along with all the taxes and other deductions. Make sure the candidate deserves what is needed of him so that the employee does not hesitate to join the company.


After the interviewing process, the employee is ready to join the company. Make all work documents and bank documents accessible to them so that they can present a timely approach to all works of the company when they join. By just typing in the job title and the ID of the employee, look out for every information about the same.


Have a single stop shop for all your recruitment needs. If you are going to post four to five postings at the same time, see every post available so that you stay on track with the recruitment process. After the interview has been completed, select from the drop down as inactive from active so that you do not get confused and start another recruitment process.


Every candidate has the different specialty to offer. Enter the need for every candidate to possess. Ever specialization mentioned for the candidate is saved in the drop down box so that you have access to the information of every candidate to be selected for different posts on the same day or week.


Every candidate must be looked for personal traits which should be matching for the desired post of the company. Traits involve attitude, presentation, other skills for the company, etc. so that you get a versatile candidate and not a single-focused candidate who can only complete the job and nothing much more. Search for more key traits for selecting a more versatile candidate whom might be a great asset in the future.


Note down the hierarchy of every candidate of the company, so there is no confusion involved in the employees’ belonging to different posts. This also gives you a better picture of every available candidate and their association with the company based on the title of the candidate.


Some of the companies your organization has a tie-up with would need to hire candidates for their company. To do that, enter all the details here in the HR2eazy dashboard and save all the information so that the other company would be able to see this information. This information would give a better understanding of both the companies which can make them focused till the recruitment process gets completed.

 From reading the above passage, you would have got a clear picture of how our recruitment model works in HR2eazy. We did not stop with this, we have selected every important module an HR has to perform from recruitment to retirement so that you and your company save a lot of time from these hassles. Choose HR2eazy today so that you get to run your company efficiently with all the right motives. We provide modules like Travel Management, KPI Management, Petty Cash Management, Payroll Management, etc. for every need in the industry.



Why there is no need for HR Departments for your Company

This is the moment where every HR friend gets mad at seeing this.The roles performed by an HR are very critical since they deal with flowing numbers and also manage all the data related to the company. But with new technology in our hands, you could diminish the use of an HR by using a payroll software.

Responsibilities of hr - HR2eazy

Let us explain you the various roles an HR has to perform while working for an organization.

  • Recruitment
  • Salary Determination
  • Grading Positions
  • Coaching Employees
  • Data Maintenance
  • Allowance and other compensations
  • Talent Management
  • Attendance & Leave Management

These are all the critical tasks every HR should know while joining an organization. When most of the payroll software can outperform every mentioned activity along with many more features, there is a doubt when it comes to hiring an HR.

It’s not that payroll software was created to diminish HR job vacancies in every company,  but small organizations who are depending solely on the core competencies, instead of hiring a person who has limited capabilities, it is easier to hire a payroll software which can outperform HR duty roles in every other way.

Let’s just break down more reasons to opt for a payroll software instead of hiring an HR for your company

1.Calculations seem very easy until there is a discrepancy or data loss. When it comes to HR software, the chances of errors made in calculations is very less since everything is automated.

2.Every information required by the company like key point indicators, petty transactions, inventory management etc are to be held in different folders which may get lost or misplaced. By using an HR software, know where all your data belongs at the perfect venue and the possibilities of the data to change are close to impossible since data is centralized and saved onto a secured cloud server.

3.The very first thing an entrepreneur thinks is to save the money on every expenditure. When it comes to hiring an HR, take for example, when it comes to a small company with close to 50 employees, there is need of one or more than that. By using a payroll software, the expenditure gets cut down by more than 50% when it comes to statistics.

4.There is no need for human interaction while running the organization. If an HR has to perform his tasks for the day, there needs to be a finite amount of interaction with the employees for a flawless workforce. This might be tricky sometimes because fraudulence can happen if the HR is partial. Destroy this factor by making employee make their own decisions and also be able to see everything like seeing through a transparent system.

5.Creating payrolls for an organization is the most important part. When there is the possibility of errors being created like Tax discrepancies, salary discrepancies and other mistakes which might cost you penalties, choosing an HR software will reduce the mistakes since everything is automated, payrolls are processed by the information which is fed into the software.

6.For a startup, there are only limited resources, like whom to see to market the product, following up the client so that the product gets delivered successfully, making constant changes that affect the company in a better way. To achieve this, there is need of competent candidates who would be able to pull the job. When it comes to HR functions, other than going through the numbers, there is less need for an HR to be hired. Instead of that, enrolling with a payroll software engages you with more time to concentrate on selling your product, rather than checking the accounts department for finding out the lost money etc.

Let us give you a better insight. When it comes to any company on delivering the product, there are mostly three stages involved

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post Production


This stage involves in what product to create, things required to buy the product, work needed to be placed in order to complete the product and who are the target audience are all decided in this important stage.


In this stage, the raw materials are all processed to the finished product and is altered to fit the requirements of all clients in different industries


Like every stage, this is also important where marketers and other departments try to sell the product to the targeted clients.

You would think where does an HR come in all the three stages. The HR is the mind behind every calculation in all the three processes. They are the one who hires the people required for every position in the company. With a payroll software, even experienced peers can be allocated to hire, infer data etc. which clearly explains that there is no need for hiring an HR.

To know more about the working of HR payroll software, please try to reach for Hr2eazy helps you in performing all the required tasks needed to be performed by an HR on a single cloud server which helps you to work on improving the company.

Why salary deductions are very important when it comes to choosing your payroll software for running an organization?

Calculating taxes for every organization in involves a lot of paperwork. Every payroll must be deducted with the right amount of taxes every time, even if taxes and other deductions are wrongly made, the company is responsible for it and would be given penalties for discrepancies. When it comes to deductions, too much of it would create a hole in the pocket for employees’. To avoid this, every company should watch the deductions closely to follow accurate trends.

Let us explain to you how the processing of deductions works while starting an organization in Malaysia. What we do at HR2eazy is automate every required deduction so that there are no problems in creating employees’ payrolls.

Payroll Software - Accurate Dedections


Filing taxes have never been easy. Just by entering the value of tax along with the salary of the employee, calculate also whether the employee is tax exempted or not. If they are not, calculate the amount of money as tax.


Choose from options like tax exempted or not while selecting the employee and then choose the month and the year to see the salary of the employee and later, calculate the percentage that is needed to be filed as taxes.


While upon selecting the birth country of the employee and select whether the contribution of the employee to be made as fixed or a percentage. By selecting the pay grade and the age range of the desired employee, generate the amount needed to be deducted.


When it comes to insurance, carefully select the amount to be deducted. When it comes to EIS, mostly .25% is the levied amount from the salary.


Likewise for making the SOCSO payment, choose the immigration status of the employee and check whether the employee is tax exempted or not. Later after selecting whether the candidate is eligible for tax exemption or not, choose the salary grade and ranges of salary and age, decide how much amount needs to be paid.


Calculating Zakat is important for every lawful Muslim by nature. By calculating the amount needed to be paid after calculation, the amount is deducted from the salary and is sent to the committee. Even additional Zakat can be added if required by the employee or the organization.

By looking at the way we process payrolls, you might have come to a conclusion that making deductions might be simple,that is where our success lies. Payment of taxes and many other deductions are very important when it comes to the development of the nation. By choosing the right payroll software, you not only reduce time to make calculations required for paying taxes, you also make sure there are no errors occurring to avoid any payment dues.

Since time changes and along with that change the number of deductions to be made, we carefully have a look at the changing business trends so that you do not have the need to search for them every month and change calculations accordingly. We do make all the necessary changes and also place them in our automated system to avoid any mistakes in the deductions.

By outsourcing your payroll information, we make sure that every process is on track and there is no need for a human resource for calculations. We try to reduce the commitment needed by every personnel and make sure the employers concentrate on the things they love most, developing the company to the next phase.

To know more about calculating the deductions and other payroll related matters, please do visit our website to get a clear insight on how HR2eazy works and choose us for easy processing of payrolls.

How to use Time Management effectively for your organization in Malaysia?

Perfect balance in life is attained by handling our time wise and precise. From recruitment to retirement, the HR is responsible for every activity happening in the company. As an HR Payroll Software, we offer you wide range of options and solutions so that the time invested by you in performing your daily actions would be less.

management effectively for your organization in Malaysia-2


A better employee brings in more returns to your company. We analyze the best performer from the others so that they can be promoted or given an appraisal. Moreover, your team’s performance can be plotted to see whether your company moves in the right direction.


Even for a small organization, handling the cash flow and maintaining payrolls for your employees can be a tedious process, that is the reason why we help you out in creating a payroll for every employee.


Anyone can fall sick during a very important phase of the company. We help you to realize every employee who could not make it to the office and also make sure you are aware since we know how important for you to follow the workflow.


For many companies, traveling seems to be the highest expense annually. Managing the travel expenses could not go as planned. We handle the complete cash flow and allocate credits for the whole year so that even a ringgit is not wasted for your other needs.


We understand every asset added to the company is to improve the infrastructure or for an enhanced user interface. We monitor every resource added and the ones leaving the organization.


As an HR, hiring the right employee always brings in more business than usual. We allocate the best service for you to go with the right employee for the right skill set required and also make your better returns come seeping through the ceiling


The company keeps track of all the major expenditures made, but small transactions like advance payment and other inventory purchases might go missing. This module is completely aware of all the petty cash transfers so that no credit goes missing.

 Not only this, we have a wide range of modules to suit every business needs in Malaysia. As an HRMS, we do take care of all human resource needs for better transparency and continuous improvement. By choosing HR2EAZY, we aim to reduce every HR’s burden so you have more time to concentrate on things you love, developing the organization.

 Please do visit our website to understand our HR Software and choose our product for your esteemed organization today.

What are the Benefits of using HR and Payroll Software?

Probably most of you would be aware of HRM software that helps to maintain resources. But, have you ever fathomed about the sensitivity of HRMS? HRMS is basically an intricate system to handle and any kind of glitches are very hard to rectify unless a proper infrastructure is available. That’s why the benefits of HR and Payroll Software remains to be highly significant.

You might be wondering, what difference the recently designed Payroll and HR Software can make as opposed to any existing employee management software?  Here are the advanced benefits that differentiate the upgraded Payroll and  HR Software from other HR database management software.

HR Payroll Software

Large scale employee management

Unlimited employees can access their information simultaneously and the process is completely hassle-free.  The information could be accessing leave application, pay slip generation (Password protected), access to events scheduled in their organization and common holidays.

Ease of access

Certainly accessibility is the most sought-out feature nowadays. People would like to stay connected with the web anytime. The Android and IOS applications developed for Payroll and HR software are accessible 24*7 enabling global tracking.


Not all the HR database management software is customizable. The features of HR and  Payroll Software allows customizing the resources of an organization. For instance: If there are any special allowances for specified employees, the particular data can be customized to generate payroll for them. The same can be done for employees in the case of attendance management.

Extra privileges

Government forms for income tax, EPF and insurance claims shall be submitted on behalf of the employees. The respective forms can be downloaded from the web.

Secure and Safe

The benefit is not just an add-on which you can find in many employee management software. The core information of all the resources will be kept intact through the use of secured HTTP server and cloud hosting. The mechanisms used in this Payroll and HR software is confidential and cannot be intruded by dwelling threats.

These are the highlighted benefits of using Payroll and HR software. The basic functionality of HR and Payroll Software is to integrate the processes involved in HRMS and payroll which itself consolidates all the benefits in a line.

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Benefits of Integrated HR and Payroll System

In many organization, HR and Payroll departments are closely interconnected and most of the time they will process same employee data. When you integrate HRMS services with Payroll Services, the benefits are enormous. All you need is an integrated HR and Payroll System with the unified HRMS payroll process for your business growth.

hr payroll Software - HR2eazy

What You Need?

An integrated HR and Payroll system is your key. It will combine both the HR and Payroll departments to work together by bridging the gaps, managing and tracking the employee information more effectively without difficulties. The employee records can be tracked and processed effectively based on the function.

Why to integrate HR Services and Payroll Services?

Eliminate the Data Redundancy: Reduce the workload by eliminating the data duplication. The employee data can be entered only once and the same information can be maintained without redundancy.

Reduce errors: A unified HRMS Payroll solution will help you in maintaining the unique data without any errors.

Report Integration:  Integrate report with employee information, the salary details and the deductions by interconnecting HR and Payroll operations.

Enhanced collaboration: The HR and Payroll departments can stick together and work better. By synchronizing HRMS services and payroll services the accurate information can be accessed forever.

 What’s the Solution?

For your successful business you need an HR and Payroll software with required features. It must interconnect HRMS services and Payroll processing and reduce your manual operations, out-of-date process and data duplication.

HR2eazy Mini Free

We offer HR2eazy Mini Free an integrated HR and Payroll software with required features. It’s not only free but it also has amazing functionalities suiting your business requirements. It will boost your business process and improve your growth.

We list down the advantages of HR2eazy Mini Free below

  • A free HR and Payroll software with amazing features
  • Global resources monitoring
  • Track employee information whenever and wherever for free
  • Get your Payslips anywhere and anytime for free
  • Secure Payslips with password protection
  • Mobile ready (Android/iOS)
  • Employees’ Information at your Fingertips on the go
  • HRMS services and payroll services Integration

Want to try HR2eazy Mini Free?

We have mentioned the advantages of HR2eazy Mini free and its amazing benefits. We are very much delighted in offering our free version for helping you in improving your business growth.

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