Things to remember before purchasing an HR and Payroll Software

Things to remember before purchasing an HR and Payroll Software

The techy-savvy environment in today’s corporate world synchronizes with the popular proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention”.

People may have a prejudice that it is not a difficult task to draft the needs of an organization. But it really matters a lot.

There are plenty of HR Software available in the market with different features. It is very vital to pick your choice amidst such options. How do you measure the scale of your requirement? The first dilemma arises here.

Brainstorming helps!

A quick skimming through the complete needs and demand of the firm would give you a rough idea. Try to understand the value of resource management. Sometimes you may not be able to get it exactly to the heart of specific needs.

That is fine! Research, make a call to your fellow HR professionals and generate ideas. When you do so, stay detached from the external details as it would certainly vary from the point of view of your firm. Get to know about

  • The significance of an integrated HR and Payroll Software
  • Different types of HRM Software
  • Advancement with respect to the evolution of HRMS services
  • Benefits of Payroll HR Software (matching your requirements)
  • Resource management strategies such as multiple employee management and so on

As you go through the above processes, ideas keep pouring in which will give you a sense of clarity to analyze the requirements.

Wait! Don’t give it a shot, though! The purchase of a Payroll HR Software should be preceded by an in-depth analysis.

hr payroll software - hr2eazy

Analyze the factors like resource optimization, customization features, management features (attendance management, leave management, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) management, inventory management, petty cash management etc.)

Final Check lists for buying a Payroll and HR System

Once a comprehensive analyses is done,

  • Try to look out for any HR and Payroll Software trial
  • Be specific and never accept for extra add-ons (unless it is worth your demand) while making a deal
  • Make sure the software provider is flexible to the given budget
  • Check out the authenticity of the security features available in the HRM Software
  • Research the credibility of the HR Payroll Software provider

The distinction of a successful organization is defined by the uniqueness of services it provides. It can be achieved through the invariable re-invention of novel ideas. Remember it is not just an HR Payroll System but the control hub of an entire workforce!

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HCM Software Vs Payroll and HR Software: What is the difference?

HCM Software Vs Payroll and HR Software: What is the difference?

The arrival of new software for providing HRMS services revolutionized the Payroll and HR System with up-to-date features.

A complete analysis of the requirements of an organization is mandatory before choosing any HR and Payroll Software.

Depending upon the resources of an organization, the demand will be substantiated. So it is of paramount importance to classify the various needs of your firm.

Let us bisect our topic from reverse

HR Software is nothing but the system containing the consolidated data of a company. It includes employee details and other business related information. HR Software serves as the hub for those in need of a particular information.

Payroll Software has a direct connection with HR Software for the purpose of co-existence. The main function of a Payroll Software is

  • Taking the input of gross pay along with the raw time data to calculate the net pay including the deductions and applicable taxes. The raw data would be acquired from another system which can also be a manual data.

Combination: HR and Payroll Software

The combined functionalities of HR and Payroll Software is incorporated with features such as talent management, recruiting, time, attendance and scheduling, which is called as HCM (Human Capital Management) Software.

The overall functionalities of HR and Payroll Software are gathered to support the core responsibilities of HCM.

Bridge between Employer and Employee

The relationship between an employer and employee tackles the overall business growth. People should strive to maintain a healthy rapport between employers and employee.

HCM not only smoothens the responsibilities of HR professionals but also strengthens the bridge between the recruiters and workforce by the following ways

  • Providing smooth mechanisms to track attendance and time
  • Getting resources on board followed by the recruiting process
  • Managing employee payrolls without any glitch
  • Drafting the labor requirements
  • Allocating HR and Payroll records in order
  • Calculating performance management (KPI) including allowance and bonus benefits

How do you find an ideal HCM Software?

The first thing is to look for an upgraded system containing comprehensive HR Payroll Software features. HCM can be included as the part of the software or a dedicated HCM software can also be customized considering the requirements.

You should not forget the term, “Investment”. Investment plans can be discussed after finalizing the needs which should be in accordance with the demand.

Though the difference between HR Payroll System and HCM Software is very subtle, you could compare the transparent results obtained if HCM is not incorporated with HR Payroll Software and also the other way around.


6 Steps Your HR Team Can Take to Leave the Dark Ages

The mode of communication has been optimized over the period of time with advanced options managing multiple operations in a quick span of time. Though, there are some of the people who manage resources tend to get stuck in a dilemma of switching to new technology.

When something works just fine for you, it’s seldom you think about other options. The same reason applies for HR professionals who are reluctant to delve into new technology standards.

In the course of time, they fail to realize the fact of having overused an outdated technology. The HR processes mainly turn out to be very challenging for growing firms.

HR Team Can Take to Leave the Dark Ages - hr2eazy

Step 1:  What is the challenge?

The challenge lies in choosing an efficient HR Payroll System that can take care of the entire HRMS processes. Here are some of the factors proving the credibility of advanced HR system

  • Quick access to HRMS Services
  • Optimized payroll services
  • Efficient use of time and energy
  • Maximum glitch-free mechanism
  • Customization facility to strengthen the advancement of HR and Payroll System
  • Multiple resource management

In fact, the latest editions of integrated HR Payroll Software have been completely user-friendly such that the operations can be mastered within a short span of time.

Step2: Easy payroll accessibility

You can always rely on automation to make sure the payroll accessibility works fine. It has become very important to understand the payroll issues for any glitches cannot be comprehended by concerned employees.

Step 3: Ease of Automation in advanced HRM Software

Automation helps big time ensuring all your employees get paid on time. The trick here is employee satisfaction. Obviously you cannot expect all the employees to be satisfied with their salary. Having said that, they will be really happy for getting paid on time.

You work hard for a month or week and sometimes under extreme pressure there may come point why should you do all these stuff. Once you see your paycheck, everything vanishes. Now you are all set to start all over again.

Step 4: Significance of using flexible HR and Payroll System

Incorporating flexibility garners plenty of opportunities in the HRMS processes. For instance, assume you have an excellent profile which cannot be replaced by others. When offered, the particular candidate says, he/she can work only from home. This is a critical situation for any HR Team.

Of course, it is important to escalate the scenario to the higher authorities to make a decision. On the other side, the flexible resource management features available in upgraded HRMS allows managing work-from-home employees. The key is to bend the policies of your organization without affecting the business and the growth of an employee.

Step 5: Frequent Recruitment

This may not be suitable for established firms but start-ups. Ignore this step, if you are an expert in controlling the rise or fall in employment rate.

Probably the above scenario is highly impossible for no can foresee the market status. Regular sourcing of qualified candidates is always a nice strategy which is being followed even by some top organizations.

Step 6: Integrated employee comfort

Feature like KPI (Key Performance Indicator) help employees to monitor the reviews of their performance making them comfortable during the period of a hike. There might be bugs or any technical issues in the HRMS Software which should be rectified immediately creating a comfort zone for employees.

Time is not a constant factor and so the trends of technologies. People who travel with the trends make hay, especially in the business of resource management.

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Is HR and Payroll Software good for HR Team Only?

Is HR and Payroll Software good for HR Team Only?

You can find a palpable answer if you just analyze the resource management pertaining to Payroll and HR System of an organization on a serious note.

Here is how we do it!

The Payroll HR System is designed to unify the operations of both the departments so that the user interaction is made simple and efficient.

HR team in an organization manage the cumulative resources making the HRMS Services run without any glitches.

Recipients of HRMS Service

HR and Payroll System

This bisection is the key to understand the role of an HRM Software and Payroll Software. Clearly the HRMS services target the employees of a firm. In that case, the Payroll and HR Software prove to be beneficial for both HR team and employees.

It is never all easy to manage the resources of an organization if HR and Payroll Software holds good only for HR team. If so,

  • Separate set of managing techniques should be prepared for other teams
  • Even basic facilities such as leave management and attendance Management will have to be designed separately
  • Advanced features such as
  • Optimized user management
  • Inventory management and
  • Petty cash management etc. are highly impossible for each of the separate teams.
  • The complications involved in Payroll and HR System will gradually become intense

Zero Customization

You can see a lot of customizations in the latest Employee Management Software where the services of Payroll and HRMS services benefit for all the users of a company. In the case of one-sided benefits,

  • The existence of customization can only be imagined.

HR Payroll Software

Growth rate shall be compromised

Have you seen or even heard of any organization working dedicatedly anticipating a fall in growth rate? The restriction of Payroll and HR Software only to HR team can be highly beneficial for such organizations.

The integration of Payroll and HR System mainly serves for the purpose of HR team and other teams which will eventually increase the productivity.

Simply Described! The HR and Payroll Software is not complete without co-existence. Therefore, it holds good for all the other departments of an organization.

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Importance of Complete HR and Payroll Software

Importance of Complete HR and Payroll Software

Gone were the days where employee management and salary allocation were done with huge human resources following intricate procedures. Tough old days? That’s obvious. The ease is here!

The emergence of HR Payroll Software has curbed the volume of human workforce to manage employee records and payroll information. And this is just the beginning.

  • Ranging from basic employee registration facilities up to customizing a special system for dedicated users, the HR and Payroll Software has broken all the conventional mechanisms creating more innovative processes.


HR Payroll Software
HR and Payroll System

Advancement in HRM Software

When the word “advancement” is put forward, it does not refer only to primitive developments. Even the recently upgraded features of Payroll and HR System plunge into the next level.

A wider space has been created in terms of resource management which is, in fact, a great deal in the HRMS sector.

The HR professionals prefer easily accessible Employee Management Software based on their demand and requirements.

  • Dedicated dashboard for both employees and management,
  • Leave application, attendance management and payroll management,
  • Calculation of special benefits for employees, pay slips generation and accessibility are some of the features available in advanced Payroll and HR Software.

HR and Payroll Software

Level of accessibility

The expectation of digital accessibility has drastically increased over a period of time, especially after the technology is made in a nutshell.

Therefore, the HRMS and Payroll Services are no exception to it. Of late, the development in HRM Software accessibility caters to Android and IOS platforms.

Users can download,

  • IOS and Android apps to avail 24*7 access facility.

In that way, the Payroll and HR Software users can stay connected to the medium without any specified time limit. So, carry HRMS in your pocket!

There are also dedicated Kiosk machines to facilitate user interaction.

Complete HR and Payroll Software

Does it make you think, what else you’ve been reading so far?

Well, integration comes into play along with all the above features to justify the phrase “Complete HR and Payroll Software”.

The processes involved in HR and Payroll System will be integrated to project the credibility of HRM Software.

Security features such as,

  • Google Secure Cloud and HTTPS Secure Server help protect the confidential information of the users.

Provided with unlimited user accessibility, the Payroll and HR Software certainly need a distinct integrity.

On the whole, a complete HR and Payroll Software should be user-friendly, efficient and time-saving and everything put together makes it worth.

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What are the Benefits of using HR and Payroll Software?

Probably most of you would be aware of HRM software that helps to maintain resources. But, have you ever fathomed about the sensitivity of HRMS? HRMS is basically an intricate system to handle and any kind of glitches are very hard to rectify unless a proper infrastructure is available. That’s why the benefits of HR and Payroll Software remains to be highly significant.

You might be wondering, what difference the recently designed Payroll and HR Software can make as opposed to any existing employee management software?  Here are the advanced benefits that differentiate the upgraded Payroll and  HR Software from other HR database management software.

HR Payroll Software

Large scale employee management

Unlimited employees can access their information simultaneously and the process is completely hassle-free.  The information could be accessing leave application, pay slip generation (Password protected), access to events scheduled in their organization and common holidays.

Ease of access

Certainly accessibility is the most sought-out feature nowadays. People would like to stay connected with the web anytime. The Android and IOS applications developed for Payroll and HR software are accessible 24*7 enabling global tracking.


Not all the HR database management software is customizable. The features of HR and  Payroll Software allows customizing the resources of an organization. For instance: If there are any special allowances for specified employees, the particular data can be customized to generate payroll for them. The same can be done for employees in the case of attendance management.

Extra privileges

Government forms for income tax, EPF and insurance claims shall be submitted on behalf of the employees. The respective forms can be downloaded from the web.

Secure and Safe

The benefit is not just an add-on which you can find in many employee management software. The core information of all the resources will be kept intact through the use of secured HTTP server and cloud hosting. The mechanisms used in this Payroll and HR software is confidential and cannot be intruded by dwelling threats.

These are the highlighted benefits of using Payroll and HR software. The basic functionality of HR and Payroll Software is to integrate the processes involved in HRMS and payroll which itself consolidates all the benefits in a line.

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