The Alluring Benefits of HR Payroll software

Aspiring organizations are like well-oiled machines. Every department of an organization has to work together to forge maximum profit.

One cog in a firm which has to undergo utmost pressure is undoubtedly the HR department because it can affect every other cogs in a firm. The evolution of HR Payroll software has come as a huge relief since it relieves the personnel team in carrying out its initiatives. HR2eazy offers an efficient HR Payroll software which will raise the bar of the HR team to invoke their policies.

HR Payroll software has several benefits which are listed below,

Benefits of HR Payroll software


This is the first benefit which the firms get in implementing this software. This can automate a large number of HR activities such as benefits administration and payroll. Thus, it reduces the burden on the HR employees allowing to focus more on employee training and recruiting.


Recent surveys have suggested that HR department in large organizations are forced to allocate more time to benefits administration. And so this software alleviates personnel team to automate benefits administration and the freedom for the non-HR employees to monitor their benefits on their own. Therefore HR Payroll software instills the much needed confidence and morale boost in an organization.

Decreased errors

At times errors caused by humans can tend to be costly leading to legal and financial complications. The initiation of this software prevents such errors due to automation of most HR functions in an efficient manner.


All companies be it large, small or mid-sized are entitled to comply with the state and federal laws and so recording the information of the employee can turn tricky at times. The HR Payroll software initiates easy measures for administering compliance related issues with regards to the business.


Regular improvements and updating of strategies are very much necessary for an organization to grow in the market with regards to the changing needs of the consumers and competition from the rivals. The execution of this program will cover all the required HR benchmark tools which in turn can gauge hiring expense and turnover rate. Therefore this opens the gate for devising strategies accordingly.

HR2eazy’s software tool is a combination of efficacy and efficiency which has encourages many firms of late to implement this HR Payroll software. With the ability to multitask functions such as payroll benefits, performance evaluation, attendance and many more, this tool has all the ingredients to make it big for the firms with maximized profits.

So why wait, buy the HR2eazy tool at the earliest and watch your company scale new heights.


How companies used HR Software to improve their business operations

How companies used HR Software to improve their Business Operations

There are plenty of business firms in the IT sector today but only a very few have been maintaining a successful productivity ratio in HRMS system. Have you ever wondered about the possible reasons behind it?

How companies used HR Software to improve their business operations

Managing the workforce of an organization is the prime focus of the firms using HR Software for successful business operations. The deployment of complete HRM Software is the key to maintain a large workforce without too much of operational glitches.

Hotspot of improved productivity

It has become a mandatory thing to keep up the consistency of the performance of a firm. Therefore optimizing the resource management skills in today’s competitive business industry has become an inseparable part.

Eventually there are not too many firms equipped with optimized HR Software. Only a few with better insight and a plan for a sustainable growth have chosen such software.

Reasons for using HR Software

A lot of firms have improved the standard of their firms by saving enormous space for record keeping after the deployment of good quality HR and Payroll Software. Payroll Software is the attached benefit enjoyed by most of the companies using optimized HRM Software.

A wide-spread need for enormous storage system is reduced because of HR Software which could reduce the substantial space to store sensitive data. Features such as retrieving the necessary information in just a click received ample amount of support by the users operating the HR Software across the globe.

The companies have made a bug free zone for accessing the necessary information without any time constraints i.e. with the readily available mobile applications for both Android and IOS users, the data can be accessed 24*7.

It becomes much easier to organize and recall needed information when records are kept in an automated system.

Depending on an organization’s existing systems and the features of their deployed software, the adaptability of the particular HR Software could be measured.

The HR Systems allow the communication of users even from remote locations in emergency situations. Provided is a company has multiple locations across a large geographical area, the HR software can help establish greater consistency in systems and standards.

Features to be looked upon.

The advanced HR Software clubbed with Payroll benefits and called as HR Payroll Software could be stated as the ideal system that provides comprehensive features for successful business needs. Take a look at the trending features that companies having advanced HR and Payroll Software enjoy,

Features HR Payroll Software

  • Optimized attendance management facility
  • Exclusive dashboard for each and every employees
  • Organized leave management system
  • Access to download and submit government forms such as LHDN, SOCSO, KWSP and Zakat calculation.

HR Software with Payroll package

As said above, the organizations using HR Software will certainly have a Payroll Software. It is primarily used for Pay Slip generation and performing other finance related operations to the employees.

Technically the companies using HR and Payroll Software have become strong and could able to push their limits anticipating greater productivity.

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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with HR Dashboards

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with HR Dashboards

One of the major issues faced by most of the HR professionals is employee retention. Get some attention, if you are no exception to the criteria!

Obviously, it has become much difficult for the employees in an organization to cope up with the retention policies or strategies followed by the concerned organization. The availability of jobs in plenty has made the process even more intricate.

The strategy such as offering high pay has been a fallacy for employee retention of late. More than mere numbers, a standard system that can handle multiple tasks with ease is mandatory. The decimation of day-to-day administration issues is one of the ways to do it.

HR dashboards make it simple to apply leaves or reimbursements, keeping track of employee attendance and late marks, and lot more things.

HR Dashboard Metrics

The metrics of an HR dashboard should consolidate the complete features for the users along with the statistics.

HR Dashboard Metrics

Time Management:

The average time taken by an employee for task management forms an integral part of dashboard metrics. The sub-divisions of the section contains an employee working hours, extra time calculation and leave report.

Attendance Management:

The dashboard features the total number of days that a particular employee is present for the work without absence

Consolidated Employee Information:

Employee details such as age, total experience and overall company experience will be included in the dashboard.

Basic information such as employee organization ID, name, gender, age and nationality help classify the details in a comprehensive manner.

The overall report of a firm including clock-ins, work durations, and attendance streak help manage the HR dashboard completely.

Common Dashboard issue handling

The different phases involved in the HR dashboard might leave the users puzzled. The common issues would be related to leave approval, attendance management, and general admin issues.

Invariable maintenance

A majority of the dashboard functions shall be sorted out upon proper maintenance of the system. The bug-free software enables a clean and hassle-free operation facility to the users.

Upgrading the HR Dashboard with additional features can also be a great boost for the employee management system in terms of maintenance.

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Trending Leadership Qualities to manage HR and Payroll System

Trending Leadership Qualities to manage HR and Payroll System

Great leadership is the key to unbelievable break-through even though the world is running after hot technology updates on a day-to-day basis. Despite frequent changes in the trends, it is really hard to pull off the market in any business if there is a lack of leadership quality.

The epitome of good leadership allows an organization to overcome any struggle for adopting new changes or trends in the market.

Do you think leadership is something pertaining to an individual? Well, the perception could be slightly incorporated with the performance of top-level management in a firm.

The decision maker should be clever enough to catch the pulse of potential talents available in the organization.

Employee management skills

The HR and Payroll System of an organization carries the entire management in a nutshell. The HR professionals responsible for employee management should

Trending leadership qualities to manage HR and Payroll System

  • Cater unique insights to the employees
  • Help them understand the system with proper guidance
  • Have the quality of listening employee queries
  • Provide employees with timely solution
  • Conduct seminars to gather new ideas in regular time intervals

Responsibility allocation

The top management of an organization should allocate suitable professionals in order to avoid multiple delegations for a single employee. It is usually done to reduce the workload and thus increasing the efficiency of HRM System in quick succession.

Inspire for a better HR and Payroll System

One of the salient features of a good leader is the ability to inspire people. In fact, it is considered as the foremost quality.

The HR and finance professionals shall inspire their employees by showing them the right way to do things, making them understand the flaws in a closed environment with composure and most importantly addressing their issues without significant delay.

Every professional should represent the face of employees of their organization and should never condescend to them.

Harmless and agile nature

When it comes to managing a team the easy-going attitude is very important. At the same time, immediate and fast action helps keep the company growing and thriving.

Intelligent leaders possess the ability to convert a mediocre result into a distinctive one upon working on the shortcomings precisely.

Open-minded thinking and Positive attitude

These two qualities always make a great leader and HR Payroll department is not an exception. Though it is a new technology or brainstorming new ideas and strategies, the level of dedication should be the same.

Great philosophers had said, “The excitement factor is the driving force to learn new things”. You should be ready to accept challenges while delving into an unexplored area. People with a positive attitude could achieve big targets on time.

Undoubtedly, good leadership is the most valuable asset that a company could afford for its development. It involves the necessary assistance, adaption and figuring out the possible ways to implement for the betterment of business processes.

Advance HR Payroll Software – HR2eazy

Advance HR Payroll Software – HR2eazy


HR2eazy Premium is a comprehensive HR and Payroll Software service provider. The processes of employee management and payroll management are designed specifically based on the demand of clients.

Advance HR Payroll Software – HR2eazy

HR2eazy is a Malaysian based company having branches worldwide.  HR2eazy contains numerous self service features to facilitate the needs of employees on a larger scale. The resource management has become a very challenging task these days and professionals require HRM Software which would serve all the needs of Payroll and HR System. HR2eazy Premium is exactly the type of software suitable for such organizations requiring highly configured HRM Software.

Scale of Business

The scale of a business in an IT sector is calculated based on work force and demands of an organization. As far as HR2eazy Premium is concerned, HR and Payroll Software meets the highest standard of requirements.

Packed features

In general, HRM Software will be equipped with basic features such as leave management, attendance management, leave approval facility, holidays tracking and other primitive functionalities. HR2eazy not only contain these basic features but also facilitates the users with additional task management options such as providing attendance integration with biometric device and attendance shift allowances, viewing daily pay calculations and Special allowances, downloading government forms (EPF, IT) etc. to optimize the work of HR Professionals and employees to yield better results.

Top Rated Product

Obviously, HR2eazy Premium is the highly rated or top most product of Hr2eazy and the Payroll and HR Software offered by HR2eazy Premium simplifies the complicated processes involved in HRMS and Payroll Management. The idea is simple, integrated and efficient providing comprehensive services to Human Resources Management and Payroll Management.

Significance of HR2eazy Premium

 The significance of HR2eazy Premium Payroll and HR Software is the simple and user-friendly accessing features in a modified infrastructure. Customization is another salient feature of HR2eazy Premium which creates a cozy space for users to manage the resources. Human effort is reduced to a phenomenal extent upon the usage of HR2eazy Premium’s HR and Payroll Software because of its comprehensive and integrated features. The access to employee information 24*7, mobile access to HR2eazy (IOS and Android) including Kiosk machines can be included in the added benefits of HR2eazy Premium. Overall, the completeness or integrated infrastructure is the key factor for the clients to take up HR2eazy Premium for the growth of their organization.

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How to let your accounting Software help run your business?

How to let your accounting Software help run your business

Under the circumstances where you need to work hard for the development of your organization (which also includes your career growth), the most important thing is to run your operation as smoothly as possible.

Untitled-1How to let your accounting Software help run your business

It involves saving more money and increasing growth rate. For instance, you can check if there are any areas where any possible reductions could be made? If you are affirmative, then you could draft the process of how to get it done.

The use of accounting software can be employed to streamline the bookkeeping process that an organization follows to make the business run faster.

The competitive environment in today’s business sector adds more essence to the efficiency infused in the latest software.

Reasons to invest in Accounting Software

There need not be any second thought to invest in an accounting software as it plays the core of integral business transactions in an organization. Having said that, users should be aware of plenty of rationales before choosing an accounting software for it contributes a great proportion of time and productivity.

  • The reduction in human error itself a big advantage which can also be stated as a valuable reason. Conveniently the reduced human error can justify the cost to a greater extent. (Note: Obviously the financial records are prone to miscalculations when handled manually in the first place)
  • Problems are tracked quickly with the use of accounting software. In the case of severe complications or account related issues where it becomes difficult to balance properly, accounting software plunges in for a quick solution.
  • A great amount of time is saved without the involvement of manual procedures.
  • The intense use of accounting software helps optimize business processes with high accuracy.
  • The automated system collaborates the different values and then segments based on the given parameters to generate instant results.
  • Not only the singular automation system but also the consistency in operations makes all the potential accounting software the ideal product to manage business processes.
  • On the whole, the credibility of software that generates accurate results cannot be overshadowed by glitches that may arise out of manual ignorance.

Many Steps Ahead!

Fine tuning the business transactions takes a new shape by the involvement of latest and potential accounting software.

The amount of spending on backtracking and dealing is widely reduced. By doing so, the scope of reaching a targeted position in the market gets bigger. Everybody waits for a big leap. An accounting software does it when implemented with proper advice.

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HR2eazy Premium- An ultimate HR Payroll Software

HR2eazy Premium- An ultimate HR Payroll Software

How many of you have had a comprehensive HR and Payroll Software experience? It is all about advancement, efficiency and distinct add-ons. HR2eazy Premium contains everything that is needed for a complete Payroll HR Software.

HR and Payroll System

Overcoming Challenges

The built-in ability to face numerous resource management challenges has made HR2eazy Premium the best of all its previous versions.

For organizations that need highly standard Payroll and HR Software, HR2eazy Premium is the most appropriate option.

Key aspects

The ability to consist of numerous features including

  • Leave management
  • Attendance management
  • Leave approval facility
  • Holidays tracking and other primitive functionalities qualify HR2eazy’s strong basics.

HR and Payroll Software

In order to optimize the work of HR professionals,

  • HR2eazy Premium contains extra task management features.
  • Provide access to apply claim, extra time and permission
  • Provide access to Timesheet and Transaction

As HR2eazy Premium is the most advanced Payroll and HR Software, the capabilities to eliminate several complications involved in Payroll Processing and resource management are very high.

The integrated operations elevate the level of Human resource management as well as the Payroll management to a greater extent.

Clearly, the growth of an organization would be defined by the completeness of HR2eazy Premium.

Yet another important key factor is the accessibility of HR2eazy Premium.

  • The Payroll HR Software provides 24*7 accessibility to the users without any interruption.
  • Ready to easy IOS and Android applications provide additional convenience to the users

Complete Features of HR2eazy Premium

The Payroll and HR Software designed in HR2eazy Premium benefits the employees and Human resource department equally with its significant features. Let us glance through the comprehensive features of HR2eazy Premium

Operations involved in Payroll such as Payslip generation, employee monitoring, calculating deductions etc.

Depending upon the specified requirements of the recruitment process and Payroll generations are simplified.

HR2eazy Premium delivers the best-secured Payroll HR Software by the implementation of Google Secure Cloud platform and reliable HTTP Server

The entire workforce could be tracked easily with ease through the user-friendly HRMS services provided by HR2eazy Premium

Leave management and attendance management could be done for an entire workforce and dedicated employees

One of the specialized features of HR2eazy is multiple employee management irrespective of the volume of a workforce.

In the case of more than one branches of a firm, the HR professionals could easily track the employee records with accuracy.

The idea of customization makes the HRM Software and Payroll Software offered by HR2eazy stand apart. The advanced features also include the elimination of duplicate entries without any hassle.

Other consolidated features include a dedicated dashboard, calculation of taxes such as,

  • EPF, income tax and insurance, travel management, inventory management, petty cash management and so on.

Improved Structure

At the end of a day, everybody looks for quality, reliability, and integrity. HR2eazy Premium provides all these factors through its improved structure.

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