How to efficiently choose the right candidate for your company?

The most critical assets that every company relies on is their employees’, without them, it would be like an empty home waiting for someone to enter. By hiring the right person for your company, you move your company to the next stage where everything steps in the correct order. By analyzing this, HR2eazy, an HR and a payroll software allows you to choose the right candidate for your job without any hassles with a step by step approach so that you get to know whether you are moving in the right direction or not.

 When it comes to recruitment, which involves an HR doing all the rounds of interview, with our HR2eazy recruitment module, anyone could conduct the interview and make the right candidate work for your company.

recruitment process


 List out every post in your company that needs recruitment. Choose from a wide range of options for an efficient recruitment process like choose the candidate for an Internal or External position for your company. Select the location intended for hiring and also not down the name of the candidate requesting for the post, to avoid confusion since there may be many recruiters asking for the same position. Later, set a date for the interview and set up the status of the interview as active or not.


After selecting the desired post for the recruitment, select the skill sets required by every candidate. There is a list of 4 skill sets allocated for every candidate necessary for analyzing their critical traits in every area and select from the drop down about the result of the interview as Joined, rejected, etc. and save the information for future purposes.


This is the trickiest part because many candidates would pose as possessing the same skill set and other traits for a single post given for them to apply. Here you give out every detail like the job title, the candidate’s email address, their resumes, their expectation for salaries, their mobile number and many more information pertaining to the candidate so that every information is intact and accessible by the employer immediately so that you do not waste your time on searching for profiles.


With this HR2eazy module, the employer can find every information about the employee scheduled for the interview. Every information like their expected CTC, total years of experience, their contact details, the date for the interview, etc. are mentioned here so that you never miss out any details needed for their interview. This allows the employer to know about the employee so that they can interview the candidate with ease. You can also directly import all this information to your Excel spreadsheet so that you get to save your information on the go.


The most important decision to make is the negotiation process. This should create a win-win situation for both the company and the candidate. Before going on with the interview, precisely select the salary range for the post along with all the taxes and other deductions. Make sure the candidate deserves what is needed of him so that the employee does not hesitate to join the company.


After the interviewing process, the employee is ready to join the company. Make all work documents and bank documents accessible to them so that they can present a timely approach to all works of the company when they join. By just typing in the job title and the ID of the employee, look out for every information about the same.


Have a single stop shop for all your recruitment needs. If you are going to post four to five postings at the same time, see every post available so that you stay on track with the recruitment process. After the interview has been completed, select from the drop down as inactive from active so that you do not get confused and start another recruitment process.


Every candidate has the different specialty to offer. Enter the need for every candidate to possess. Ever specialization mentioned for the candidate is saved in the drop down box so that you have access to the information of every candidate to be selected for different posts on the same day or week.


Every candidate must be looked for personal traits which should be matching for the desired post of the company. Traits involve attitude, presentation, other skills for the company, etc. so that you get a versatile candidate and not a single-focused candidate who can only complete the job and nothing much more. Search for more key traits for selecting a more versatile candidate whom might be a great asset in the future.


Note down the hierarchy of every candidate of the company, so there is no confusion involved in the employees’ belonging to different posts. This also gives you a better picture of every available candidate and their association with the company based on the title of the candidate.


Some of the companies your organization has a tie-up with would need to hire candidates for their company. To do that, enter all the details here in the HR2eazy dashboard and save all the information so that the other company would be able to see this information. This information would give a better understanding of both the companies which can make them focused till the recruitment process gets completed.

 From reading the above passage, you would have got a clear picture of how our recruitment model works in HR2eazy. We did not stop with this, we have selected every important module an HR has to perform from recruitment to retirement so that you and your company save a lot of time from these hassles. Choose HR2eazy today so that you get to run your company efficiently with all the right motives. We provide modules like Travel Management, KPI Management, Petty Cash Management, Payroll Management, etc. for every need in the industry.



What are the benefits of an Integrated HR and Payroll Software?

What are the benefits of an Integrated HR andPayroll Software?

When a company is moving from a conventional payroll system to payroll software, there are many conditions to consider because every business is different in its way concerning administration and other factors.

To be honest, hiring a payroll software seems to be the conventional method of payroll processing today. While choosing a payroll software, many benefits come with it because the central ideology of the software was created to reduce human effort and also save time.

Integrated HR and payroll software

You save time

One of the most critical factors every entrepreneur would like to hear because their valuable time could be spent on more useful things. With one-shot dashboards like inventory management, payroll management, recruitment management, etc., handle all your company requirements and take complete control of your company.

On an average, every employee takes 1 minute to do calculations, whereas a payroll software would be able to do that in 20 seconds with the help of automation. Also, consider spreadsheets, for instance, it would take about 5 minutes to calculate the hours put in by every employee whereas it would take only a few seconds to figure this and enter into the dashboard for salary calculation.

Stay Online and Updated

With the help of cloud technology, stay connected every moment with the help of an internet connection and also stay updated from time to time on the changes occurring in your company premises.

You stay more organized

With every module you require, stay in one place like payroll management modules have everything related to payrolls like deductions, permissions, having a track of every timesheet, leaves taken, etc. With a view like this, you would never need to search and retrieve data for easy perusal.

Reduce Paperwork

Since every information is saved in the cloud and not a physical server, you do not need to store the data on a physical paper which also leave no carbon footprint. This enables companies and the employees’ to view the data and alter it if required.


Automation is the key aspect when it comes to choosing your payroll software. When every module of the framework is automated, the only work left for HR’s and entrepreneurs is to store the data after any expenditure, the hours put in by every employee, etc. so that later you can create payrolls and create accurate budgets for the fiscal year.

Improved reports

By comprehensive reporting, get every report from pre-loaded graphs and charts for having a better understanding, physically whether the company is moving in the right direction or not. The employees’ do not need to spend much time on creating yearly and monthly reports which are required by the company because it is already available in your payroll software.

Reduced Costs

Even though many people may disagree that a payroll software is costlier than a regular calculation software, by choosing the right plan and the right software, you would be able to reduce costs drastically, and this remaining currency can be used on improving the infrastructure of the company.

Employee Self Service

By allowing employees’ to perform their duties like marking attendance, asking for claims and advances, this will enable them to hold power to ask for what is required and can be accepted or rejected by the upper hierarchy. Also by allowing them to view and change payroll information gives them the control and also an HR would be able to see their data which helps in avoiding misunderstandings and discrepancies.

Make accurate tax payments

One of the critical part when it comes to running a company is paying taxes and other payments on time because if it is not compliant with the government norms, you would have to pay huge penalties. With the help of automation, make the right deductions so that you do not burn a hole in your employees’ pocket.

Dedicated Customer Service

Every software tends to break because of a ‘bug.’ To assist you with this, a reasonable payroll software must come with a dedicated customer care service to help you out with urgent needs and requirements.

There are many more benefits of choosing a payroll software. Choose HR2eazy, an integrated HR and payroll software to reduce your time in making calculations and reduce the functioning cost of the company. Please visit for more information.


What are the main reasons to opt for a payroll software in Malaysia?

What are the main reasons to opt for a payroll software in Malaysia?

When it comes to an organization, from an entrepreneur’s point of view, many questions arise when it comes to their payrolls because it is the most imperative part of an organization. The other factors which are very important to run a business are making payments to employees’ on time, paying specific taxes, choosing the right person for the job, have a note of all inventories, managing travel, leave management, training the peers and many more significant functions. By choosing a payroll software, you get to do all these tasks in one place so that there is no need to search for data and make wrong calculations which might cause dearly to the company.

hr2eazy versions

But entrepreneurs think differently like they usually do to cut costs and run the company more efficiently. The most common questions we hear entrepreneurs ask of why they need to opt for a payroll software are given below for a better understanding.

How would it be beneficiary to my company and me?

By opting for payroll software, you get all the freedom and all the diversification required to note down all the key aspects and their expenditures. When you can see all of the information on a single page, how easy would it be to develop your company rather than calculating every time your company has invested in something?

2) Why don’t I hire an HR and make them do all the job

An average HR in Malaysia gets paid up to 50000 RM and more in a single year. Payroll software is not trying to take out their job, but by buying an HR software which can deliver all the functions that they can perform would cost only up to 3000 RM or lesser based upon choosing our versions for your company. If you are looking to reduce your operational costs, you save more than 45000 RM a year which can be spent on hiring more people for improving your core business for a more significant expansion and many more.

3) Why don’t I use a basic software where I can save all the data for my company expenditures?

By using a software, saving data is the toughest part. When there may be different expenditures when it comes to running a company, it is very imperative to save the data and retrieve it for future purposes. A small mistake can cost you dearly because it would ruin the calculations and would cause you great misery. By opting for payroll software, save all your data in the right place and make sure it stays that way. You can add future expenditures to it anytime you want, and since the whole point of choosing a payroll software is that the entire system is automated, the chances of errors to occur are very less since technology is continually developing.

4) Would my information stay confidential if I outsource my payrolls?

When it comes to security, all the data is saved on a cloud server, which is like the best technology at the moment when it comes to securing your information. By saving it on the cloud, you also have the facility to access and change the data anytime you can’t, which means you don’t need to go to the office every time to search and modify information.

5) I have just begun my startup and looking to calculate everything on my own. I just don’t need a software to calculate my bills since it would just pile up on my bills.

When it comes to a startup, your resources and money are all you can start off with. While handling numbers are of lesser priority, the most critical function is to improve the core business. What are the most critical calculations required when it comes to beginning a start-up, an accurate timesheet which denotes every employees’ contributions to the company, generates payrolls obviously, pay taxes to the government to avoid penalties, download payslips for bank purposes? We at HR2eazy have come across this and have come up with a plan HR2eazy Mini Free which offers all the above features free of cost.

Not only this, with other versions like HR2eazy Mini Basic, Mini Professional and Premium you get to choose from a wide range of options like

  • daily pay calculations
  • approve reports
  • add attendance shift allowances
  • integration of attendance marking devices
  • travel management
  • KPI management
  • training management
  • petty cash management
  • inventory management

And this does not stop over here; we would tend to add more features according to business trends and requirements.

To know more about our products and services, please reach out to so that we can concentrate on designing your payrolls while you can focus more on developing your organization.

Why salary deductions are very important when it comes to choosing your payroll software for running an organization?

Calculating taxes for every organization in involves a lot of paperwork. Every payroll must be deducted with the right amount of taxes every time, even if taxes and other deductions are wrongly made, the company is responsible for it and would be given penalties for discrepancies. When it comes to deductions, too much of it would create a hole in the pocket for employees’. To avoid this, every company should watch the deductions closely to follow accurate trends.

Let us explain to you how the processing of deductions works while starting an organization in Malaysia. What we do at HR2eazy is automate every required deduction so that there are no problems in creating employees’ payrolls.

Payroll Software - Accurate Dedections


Filing taxes have never been easy. Just by entering the value of tax along with the salary of the employee, calculate also whether the employee is tax exempted or not. If they are not, calculate the amount of money as tax.


Choose from options like tax exempted or not while selecting the employee and then choose the month and the year to see the salary of the employee and later, calculate the percentage that is needed to be filed as taxes.


While upon selecting the birth country of the employee and select whether the contribution of the employee to be made as fixed or a percentage. By selecting the pay grade and the age range of the desired employee, generate the amount needed to be deducted.


When it comes to insurance, carefully select the amount to be deducted. When it comes to EIS, mostly .25% is the levied amount from the salary.


Likewise for making the SOCSO payment, choose the immigration status of the employee and check whether the employee is tax exempted or not. Later after selecting whether the candidate is eligible for tax exemption or not, choose the salary grade and ranges of salary and age, decide how much amount needs to be paid.


Calculating Zakat is important for every lawful Muslim by nature. By calculating the amount needed to be paid after calculation, the amount is deducted from the salary and is sent to the committee. Even additional Zakat can be added if required by the employee or the organization.

By looking at the way we process payrolls, you might have come to a conclusion that making deductions might be simple,that is where our success lies. Payment of taxes and many other deductions are very important when it comes to the development of the nation. By choosing the right payroll software, you not only reduce time to make calculations required for paying taxes, you also make sure there are no errors occurring to avoid any payment dues.

Since time changes and along with that change the number of deductions to be made, we carefully have a look at the changing business trends so that you do not have the need to search for them every month and change calculations accordingly. We do make all the necessary changes and also place them in our automated system to avoid any mistakes in the deductions.

By outsourcing your payroll information, we make sure that every process is on track and there is no need for a human resource for calculations. We try to reduce the commitment needed by every personnel and make sure the employers concentrate on the things they love most, developing the company to the next phase.

To know more about calculating the deductions and other payroll related matters, please do visit our website to get a clear insight on how HR2eazy works and choose us for easy processing of payrolls.

The Alluring Benefits of HR Payroll software

Aspiring organizations are like well-oiled machines. Every department of an organization has to work together to forge maximum profit.

One cog in a firm which has to undergo utmost pressure is undoubtedly the HR department because it can affect every other cogs in a firm. The evolution of HR Payroll software has come as a huge relief since it relieves the personnel team in carrying out its initiatives. HR2eazy offers an efficient HR Payroll software which will raise the bar of the HR team to invoke their policies.

HR Payroll software has several benefits which are listed below,

Benefits of HR Payroll software


This is the first benefit which the firms get in implementing this software. This can automate a large number of HR activities such as benefits administration and payroll. Thus, it reduces the burden on the HR employees allowing to focus more on employee training and recruiting.


Recent surveys have suggested that HR department in large organizations are forced to allocate more time to benefits administration. And so this software alleviates personnel team to automate benefits administration and the freedom for the non-HR employees to monitor their benefits on their own. Therefore HR Payroll software instills the much needed confidence and morale boost in an organization.

Decreased errors

At times errors caused by humans can tend to be costly leading to legal and financial complications. The initiation of this software prevents such errors due to automation of most HR functions in an efficient manner.


All companies be it large, small or mid-sized are entitled to comply with the state and federal laws and so recording the information of the employee can turn tricky at times. The HR Payroll software initiates easy measures for administering compliance related issues with regards to the business.


Regular improvements and updating of strategies are very much necessary for an organization to grow in the market with regards to the changing needs of the consumers and competition from the rivals. The execution of this program will cover all the required HR benchmark tools which in turn can gauge hiring expense and turnover rate. Therefore this opens the gate for devising strategies accordingly.

HR2eazy’s software tool is a combination of efficacy and efficiency which has encourages many firms of late to implement this HR Payroll software. With the ability to multitask functions such as payroll benefits, performance evaluation, attendance and many more, this tool has all the ingredients to make it big for the firms with maximized profits.

So why wait, buy the HR2eazy tool at the earliest and watch your company scale new heights.

How companies used HR Software to improve their business operations

How companies used HR Software to improve their Business Operations

There are plenty of business firms in the IT sector today but only a very few have been maintaining a successful productivity ratio in HRMS system. Have you ever wondered about the possible reasons behind it?

How companies used HR Software to improve their business operations

Managing the workforce of an organization is the prime focus of the firms using HR Software for successful business operations. The deployment of complete HRM Software is the key to maintain a large workforce without too much of operational glitches.

Hotspot of improved productivity

It has become a mandatory thing to keep up the consistency of the performance of a firm. Therefore optimizing the resource management skills in today’s competitive business industry has become an inseparable part.

Eventually there are not too many firms equipped with optimized HR Software. Only a few with better insight and a plan for a sustainable growth have chosen such software.

Reasons for using HR Software

A lot of firms have improved the standard of their firms by saving enormous space for record keeping after the deployment of good quality HR and Payroll Software. Payroll Software is the attached benefit enjoyed by most of the companies using optimized HRM Software.

A wide-spread need for enormous storage system is reduced because of HR Software which could reduce the substantial space to store sensitive data. Features such as retrieving the necessary information in just a click received ample amount of support by the users operating the HR Software across the globe.

The companies have made a bug free zone for accessing the necessary information without any time constraints i.e. with the readily available mobile applications for both Android and IOS users, the data can be accessed 24*7.

It becomes much easier to organize and recall needed information when records are kept in an automated system.

Depending on an organization’s existing systems and the features of their deployed software, the adaptability of the particular HR Software could be measured.

The HR Systems allow the communication of users even from remote locations in emergency situations. Provided is a company has multiple locations across a large geographical area, the HR software can help establish greater consistency in systems and standards.

Features to be looked upon.

The advanced HR Software clubbed with Payroll benefits and called as HR Payroll Software could be stated as the ideal system that provides comprehensive features for successful business needs. Take a look at the trending features that companies having advanced HR and Payroll Software enjoy,

Features HR Payroll Software

  • Optimized attendance management facility
  • Exclusive dashboard for each and every employees
  • Organized leave management system
  • Access to download and submit government forms such as LHDN, SOCSO, KWSP and Zakat calculation.

HR Software with Payroll package

As said above, the organizations using HR Software will certainly have a Payroll Software. It is primarily used for Pay Slip generation and performing other finance related operations to the employees.

Technically the companies using HR and Payroll Software have become strong and could able to push their limits anticipating greater productivity.

Click on to get details about optimized HR Software.

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with HR Dashboards

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with HR Dashboards

One of the major issues faced by most of the HR professionals is employee retention. Get some attention, if you are no exception to the criteria!

Obviously, it has become much difficult for the employees in an organization to cope up with the retention policies or strategies followed by the concerned organization. The availability of jobs in plenty has made the process even more intricate.

The strategy such as offering high pay has been a fallacy for employee retention of late. More than mere numbers, a standard system that can handle multiple tasks with ease is mandatory. The decimation of day-to-day administration issues is one of the ways to do it.

HR dashboards make it simple to apply leaves or reimbursements, keeping track of employee attendance and late marks, and lot more things.

HR Dashboard Metrics

The metrics of an HR dashboard should consolidate the complete features for the users along with the statistics.

HR Dashboard Metrics

Time Management:

The average time taken by an employee for task management forms an integral part of dashboard metrics. The sub-divisions of the section contains an employee working hours, extra time calculation and leave report.

Attendance Management:

The dashboard features the total number of days that a particular employee is present for the work without absence

Consolidated Employee Information:

Employee details such as age, total experience and overall company experience will be included in the dashboard.

Basic information such as employee organization ID, name, gender, age and nationality help classify the details in a comprehensive manner.

The overall report of a firm including clock-ins, work durations, and attendance streak help manage the HR dashboard completely.

Common Dashboard issue handling

The different phases involved in the HR dashboard might leave the users puzzled. The common issues would be related to leave approval, attendance management, and general admin issues.

Invariable maintenance

A majority of the dashboard functions shall be sorted out upon proper maintenance of the system. The bug-free software enables a clean and hassle-free operation facility to the users.

Upgrading the HR Dashboard with additional features can also be a great boost for the employee management system in terms of maintenance.

HR2eazy is a HR and Software provider that contains an optimized HR dashboard features for its users. Click on the link to know more